Movie Classic: Jurassic Park

Prehistoric Movie Classic: Jurassic Park

The Thursday night movie classics at Hoboken Clearview Cinemas continues again this week!

Tonight at 7:30pm is a family favorite from 1993: Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park

A multimillionaire (Richard Attenborough) unveils a new theme park where visitors can observe dinosaurs cloned using advanced DNA technology. But when an employee tampers with the security system, the dinosaurs escape, forcing the visitors to fight for their survival. Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern star in this thrilling, action-packed blockbuster.

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We’ve seen four of the classics so far this summer. For two of those, “Along the Waterfront” and now “Jurassic Park” Clearview has screwed-up the projection. I don’t know if they’re got an incorrect lens on the projector, or if they’re using some weird widescreen mode to fill the screen when projecting from DVD & Blu-Ray but the movie was pretty goofy-looking. Images in the center of the screen were distorted vertically so they were tall and skinny, and then at the edges of the screen they were stretched horizontally as if looking through an extreme wide angle lens.

I went downstairs to let them know as soon as the Universal logo came on screen, because it wasn’t a circular earth, but more egg-shaped. They said they’d look into it but it was never corrected. I just wish people would take more pride in their job – maybe check the projection of the movie prior to the show. Pretty easy to see it wasn’t being projected correctly. I know it’s only a five buck movie, but it would only take someone 5 minutes to set it up correctly.