Toll Brothers BBQ

9/28/2007 BBQ #2:

Toll is having another marketing BBQ this Sunday from 12-4pm that coincides with the Arts & Music Festival. Different prizes in the “silent auction”, such as iPods and sporting event tickets. Bring the kids! They’ll have fruity clowns and toxic face-painting. A Frank Sinatra (who hated Hoboken) impersonator too. I’m not suggesting organizing a Flash Mob like I did last time. Hoboken will be a bonafide MESS on Sunday as it is.

Here’s an event all Hoboken residents are strongly encouraged to attend.

This Saturday from 12-4pm, Toll Brothers is having a rain-or-shine BBQ/Sales pitch session at “The Lawn at Hudson Tea”, 1500 Washington St. Check out their website at

Even if you’re not in the market for real estate, it may be wise to “take advantage” of the free meal, fun kids activities, and even a chance to win a run-of-the-mill 42″ Plasma TV. Considering Toll Brothers are “Killing ’em in Hoboken”, why not take something from them? In fact, don’t eat the day before, and gorge on the delicious “Gourmet” BBQ!

If enough readers (say 500) go to the event at the exact same time (say 1:00pm), it may even be considered a “Flash Mob“!!!


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I love the smell of desperation in the morning. It smells like…victory.



They were out in force yesterday at the festival.


I’m sure nobody’s banned. Stop startin’ nasty rumors!

C’mon over, get some hot dogs and tater salad and enjoy what seems like it’s going to be a beautiful day. Don’t forget to make a donation to the designated charity (I think it’s the boy’s club, or YMCA, or something like that). And check it out, looks like another tot lot will be going up behind the Park on Park garage, between 14 and 15th Streets. That’s good news, hope it’s finished soon.


Al needs to be sent up the river to the “big house”


Danny’s brother Frank Tattoli is the construction code official in Weehawken. Arezzo asks the Weehawken’s Building Department to oversee projects where he has a financial interest in order to avoid conflicts of interest. The Weehawken building department is currently under investigation by the NJ State Attorney’s office.