Mass Transit Tunnel under Hoboken

6/29/2010 Update:

Over 100 feet beneath North Hoboken

Four years ago, the trans-Hudson rail tunnel project was born – to help alleviate the commuter congestion heading to and from Manhattan. This new two-track tunnel, along with various new stations – is expected to double commuter capacity by the time it’s complete sometime in 2017 (probably closer to 2020 the way construction delays happen these days).

The nearly $10 billion dollar project has had (or still has) several names. The Trans Hudson Express (or THE Tunnel), Access to the Regions Core (or the ARC Tunnel) as well as simply “Mass Transit Tunnel.”

See video explanation of the project here.

ARC Tunnel under Hoboken near 1600 park 530x263 - Mass Transit Tunnel under Hoboken

Meeting in Hoboken on June 30th

Call the project whatever you want, but part of this tunnel will travel under North Hoboken, and be between 100′ and 150′ beneath street level. Because of this, NJ Transit needs to obtain permission from the NJ DEP to get an easement beneath what will eventually become parkland at 1600 Park Ave.

There will be a public scoping meeting tomorrow, June 30th from 6pm to 8pm at the Multi-Service Center at 2nd and Grand Streets.

ARC Tunnel Under Hoboken NJ northern fringe - Mass Transit Tunnel under Hoboken


Used to be called THE Tunnel


This is old news, but wanted to create a discussion placeholder for it, since the tunnel will be built underneath the north end of Hoboken, by the Cove in between our town and Weehawken. Scheduled to start construction in two years, expected completion by 2016 (who will still be here?).

In reality, does this project really have any impact on our city?

Here’s the site for you to peruse: (old link no good)
New link:
And another project-based site:

the tunnel hoboken - Mass Transit Tunnel under Hoboken

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My vote for worst acronym: THE= Trans-Hudson Express. At least PATH is a noun, not a definitive article.

What’s next, “THAT Tunnel”= Trans-Hudson Aqueous Transfer? “THIS Tunnel”= Trans-Hudson Idiotic System.


[quote comment=”23226″]Instead of a new rail tunnel, we need more river crossings for cars. Traffic to get into the tunnel on the manhattan side is horrible.[/quote]

I think the whole point of these rail improvements is to PREVENT more people from driving into the city… or at least, to compel people to take mass transit, rather than drive.


we could always push for the North River Bridge again.


Instead of a new rail tunnel, we need more river crossings for cars. Traffic to get into the tunnel on the manhattan side is horrible.


[quote comment=”23141″][quote comment=”23129″]Hoboken to Scranton PA in an hour…[/quote]

I was just going to mention this.

I knew I should have stayed in Pennsyltuckey when I could have bought a 3BR house for less than I paid for my last car…[/quote]

Yeah, but I’ll believe this when I see it… The plan of opening the old Lackawanna cutoff also involves using that ancient stone bridge over the Delaware – while it looks awesome, I think it is in need of major repair.. This project would be several years away, at best…

As for the light rail going into Bergen County – the way it currently runs, it’s getting close… it goes to Bergenline Ave and continues on to Tonnele ave in N. Bergen.. Just a little bit further and it’ll be Bergen county…