AOL is an uncaring robot

Former AOL writer: “Content Slave Hell”

Writer Oliver Miller – over at The Faster Times had an interesting piece about the inner workings of AOL-owned web properties.

AOL Hell - AOL is an uncaring robotHired initially by AOL as a writer – Miller said he quickly turned into what he called a “content slave.”

It’s an amazing look at how AOL as a company, cares very little about what they write – but rather more about keywords and profit. Unbelievable that it’s getting harder and harder to find sincere bodies of work online.

“But now, I am not so mystified. With the recent release of a top-secret business document from AOL, things have been clarified. “The AOL Way,” as the document is called, lays the whole plan bare — long flowcharts, an insane number of meaningless buzzwords… the works. One slide is titled “Decide What Topics to Cover.” It then lists “Considerations” from top to bottom. “Traffic Potential” is the top consideration, followed by “Revenue/Profit” and then “Turnaround Time.” “Editorial Integrity” is at the bottom.

The more we learn about how corporate conglomerates like AOL and other phony organizations work, the more we strive to find the real heart & soul of the internet.

It’s the reason why myself and other Authentically Local websites have banded together against such worthless companies. We write because we’re passionate about something, want to share information and honest viewpoints about the communities we live in.

Wow, AOL is a soulless, greedy operation!

Take a look at this slide show – which is a leaked document from AOL called “The AOL Way.”

They do not write because they’re sincere about topics – they just want to slap pieces together in a machine-like fashion just for the sake of “pageviews.”

Click the full screen button to see how mechanical their whole business is. They don’t even treat readers as humans, but more as statistics and dollar signs. A boat-load of psychological analysis and manipulation went into this document for sure.

I never surf to any of their online properties – and haven’t for many many years. I expect many other (smart, non-indoctrinated) individuals to continue this trend until AOL/HuffPo ceases to exist.

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I cannot believe this debate still exists. All AOL sites are horrific, and a blatant example of how commercialized and superficial the web is. They are not local, not sincere, and not worthwhile of anyone’s time. How do they manage to live another day?


AOL is useful to certain political groups for the time being. This may not be the case after the 2012 elections.