Water Cooler – 4/25/2007

borat-hoboken.jpgMore quickly selected quotes from the past week.

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  • Board of Education Election April 17th
    Blucheez says: “Go Kid’s First! Now Theresa Minutillo won’t have to struggle on her own. “
  • Hoboken Shelter 25th Anniversary fundraiser
    whewwhewwhew says: “God forbid John offered the City Bistro on a Saturday for a good cause. They do it on a Wednesday when less people are available.”
  • Hoboken is flammable
    whewwhewwhew says (again): “Richard Tremitiedi’s head was “Delivered Vacant”
  • Sunday Flooding and Fire Videos
    madloop says: “‘They finally drained my basement. But of course it wreaks down there and in the hallway and the dryer no longer works. I think I am done with Hoboken once my lease is up.
  • Who would you vote for?
    FAP says: “I hope the advent of Hoboken411, a free and open forum, and the stunning win by the Reform BOE slate are signs of things to come.”
  • Reader Mail: Free parking for flats?
    jc1305us says: “I like this site, but sometimes I feel like Im living in the novel 1984 and you guys are all ready to drop a dime to Big Brother!”
  • Archstone Hudson Park
    Beejay says: “We were glad to leave that place, the ridiculously high rents just gave us more incentive to get out.”
  • Food 3663
    starfish says: “Trying out the sushi at a restaurant that utilizes hand written signs using a magic marker and construction paper may not be the smartest move. Just saying…”
  • City vehicles behaving badly
    tullipsandlillies says: “Some city employees are off at least once a week. Did you know you can use your sick time like vacation? When you have enough accrued you have to use it?? I think THIS should be mentioned at the council meetings.”

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