Reader Mail: Another Caddy!

The Cimmaron is gone.

“Tired” said:

“After years of neglect, the Cimmaron is GONE! Thanks for your help. The car was there so long it stained the cement where the tires used to be, and when they moved it there was a tree growing between the wall of the Muni garage and where the Caddy was parked. I don’t know where they put it, but the Caddy is no longer on the sidewalk. Thanks for helping us beautify the neighborhood by getting rid of this eyesore.”

caddygone2 - Reader Mail: Another Caddy!

Right on the heels of that last Cadillac with the flat tire taking up street parking near City Hall, today’s installment comes from “Tired of looking at this car”…

He writes:

Dear Hoboken 411,

When I saw the post about a Cadillac on flat tires near a city building, I immediately thought of this car on Park Avenue. This old Caddy Cimmaron has been parked on the sidewalk across from the Archstone building near the Municipal Garage for years. It is an eyesore on four flat tires with cracked windows and taillights. It was never a municipal vehicle, so why has it been allowed to park on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood for so long? Who owns this car? A city employee?

The inspection sticker on the window says 2004! Can we find out who the people responsible for this wreck are, and get it moved off the sidewalk and out of my neighborhood? Thank you!


Tired of Looking at This Car

Here’s a few pictures, see the rest after the break!

hoboken caddy back2 - Reader Mail: Another Caddy!
hoboken caddy inspection2 - Reader Mail: Another Caddy!

hoboken caddy front2 - Reader Mail: Another Caddy!
hoboken caddy side2 - Reader Mail: Another Caddy!

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“I know what you are saying. These grown men riding on their bikes thinking they are so metro and trendy!”

god your a jackass cracker.


[quote comment=”24136″]I know what you are saying. These grown men riding on their bikes thinking they are so metro and trendy! Bunch of tools. I saw another retard the other day on one of those Segways, what a dork!
That is the new Hoboken for you![/quote]

Nothing says DWI more than a guy in a suit on a bike…


I notice this morning it was gone. When was it removed? And, did anyone ever figure out who the car belonged to?


So many angry people today.

Did your car get towed today?


Damn angry little biker. 😈