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IMHO, The Macallan is the best Scotch whisky made period. Even the 12 year is good. Of course, if you want to know perfection, try the 30 year. As a Scotch aficionado, I know there are some great single malts out there but you can never go wrong with The Macallan.

Their sherry casks give their whisky a nice smooth but complex taste and it’s always nice to detect the differences between ages. Their fine oaks are good too, of course, but I don’t like how the bourbon casks affect the flavor. I’m not really a bourbon fan – even though I do appreciate the uniqueness corn distilled products – either its the corn or the charing of the barrels that doesn’t do it or me.

If you’re going to attend the tasting, certainly read up on your whisky. Know the differences between the different grains that go into them. There are huge differences between distilled barley, rye, wheat, and corn. Also know the difference in the distilling process so you can appreciate the results more. Differences in the amount of peat used, the type and treatment of the barrels, and the water all play an integral part in making Scotch and other whiskies.

Without understanding all that (and even sampling some other products), it will be difficult to appreciate the nuances in the tasting.