Reporter Roundup – 4/23/2007

suggestion box shredder - Reporter Roundup - 4/23/2007Continuing the ongoing series, here are some highlights from the 4/22/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

I can’t wait until the elections are over.

  • An overview of the 3rd Ward and 4th Ward Council candidates.
  • A recap of the recent Board of Education election outcome. Talk about how this election often gives signs of how the Council election may turn out.
  • Coverage of the recent flooding and how it’s turned into some political tension between Russo and Mayor Roberts.
  • Speaking of which, there were 10 or more political advertisements, including the Mayor’s full back cover response to last week’s emergency and the chain of events (including a retort to Russo), and another ad paid for by Raia/Rosenberg against Russo concerning the local ShopRite Supermarket. Do people even read these?.
  • One ad did catch my attention. The Hudson County Improvement Authority is having their “Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days”… Do NOT bring items such as: explosives, asbestos, infectious waste, and radioactive material. Who has those items at their house collecting dust???
  • A small mention of the 4-alarm fire on Clinton St., but
  • Full coverage of the 1000 day sea journey.
  • Lots of political letters to the editor this week. Not much you don’t already know.

I still wish The Reporter would include an “Opinion” section, or are they not allowed to have one?

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From what I’ve seen the city has history of granting those variances. They are well aware of Hoboken politics and who to make a campaign contribution to to get favorable considerations from the city.

I have not seen much proof that anyone in office now has done anything but give the go ahead to the developers.

Including Campos.


From the flooding article, re: SW redevelopment zone:
Campos said, “Without the plan, developers could apply for variances without investing in the area’s infrastructure, placing the burden on the taxpayer. That’s unacceptable.”

This is what is wrong with the people leading the city. They feel that simply because a developer asks for a variance, the city is obligated to grant it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with developers applying for variances. The problem is that the city unfailingly approves nearly every single variance that comes across it’s desk without requiring any sort of give-backs. For example, a developer has every right to approach the city asking for variances to build a 100-story tower with a giant monkey head on the top. However, if it actually gets built there is noone to blame but those in the City who granted the approvals for it.

If the city’s infrastructure can’t handle additional development, and it appears that Campos is in agreement with that, then it’s simple – don’t grant any more variances for high-density, 100% lot coverage high-rise luxury condos. A property owner does not have an inherent right to all sorts of zoning variances- they should be the exception rather than the norm. The property owner is well aware of the zoning regulations when he/she purchases a property. There should be no expectation otherwise.

Red Haven
Red Haven

It usually takes them a while to get things online. Printing the paper seems to be their priority. You should be able to find hundreds of unread copies all over Hoboken.


FYI GMAC and Amandla- I emailed the editor of the paper, but I haven’t received a response yet. If I get the link, I’ll post it.


GMAC: I couldn’t find it for you online either. Who knows what’s going on with that paper?!