City vehicles behaving badly


Here a reader who was near the courthouse in Jersey City this week, noticed a Hoboken Police car in front.

He wrote: “Here is another picture to add to your City Vehicles Behaving Badly collection. I took it today outside the courthouse in Jersey City. Granted, it was outside the court house and was probably official business, but there’s a whole lot reserved for government vehicles.”

hoboken cop blocks hydrant - City vehicles behaving badly

6/25/2007 Idea:

Not sure if anyone else mentioned this somewhere, but what about that Central Parking lot at the south end of town? Can’t some kind of agreement be worked out to expand that complete waste of space? A 4 story garage would do wonders. Allow City Hall to have the first floor (what’s that, about 200 cars per floor?), and let monthly or hourly have the rest. You can still have it “valet operated” if need be. Can’t they build these cookie cutter garages in like a month? How come this never came up? Is that block to City Hall too far?

hoboken downtown parking solution - City vehicles behaving badly

6/22/2007 Update:

A reader sent this picture in about the infamous “Carpentry Division” van that is perpetually illegally parked around Hoboken. I thought I read somewhere on the Hoboken City site that “injuries from faulty wood shelving” is the third most reported incident in town*. I’m sure that is why they need to park wherever they want. It’s an EMERGENCY!

Oh, and I can understand a cop parking in front of a hydrant (provided it’s an actual call).

love the site – visit every day. saw you posted about parking/transportation the other day….

after driving around 20 mins. looking for a parking spot, i was walking by the back of city hall on my way to the PATH. Took this picture of a City van from the Carpentry division that was illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant. As I was taking the picture with my phone, a parking authority person came up to me and asked what i was doing. I said “This city van is illegally parked.” “That van is parked for city business.” she replied. To which I said “You can’t park in front of a hydrant unless you’re a fire engine and city hall is on fire.” She just smirked and walked way.

Question – can I scribble CITY OF HOBOKEN on my car so I can park anywhere I’d like?

* Sarcastic Comment

hoboken city van illegally parked june 2007 - City vehicles behaving badly
hoboken police car parked in front of hydrant - City vehicles behaving badly

See previous infractions below:

6/1/2007 Update:

Hey, I have nothing against the Hoboken Fire Department. I think they do a stellar job, despite being called out to 99+% of false alarms. It’s not easy to be on call all the time for important events and be expected to perform perfectly each time there’s an actual emergency. I suppose I can respect any job I don’t do regularly, just as I expect anyone to respect the job I do here at Hoboken411 *all by myself*. I may not be a firefighter, but I imagine many people can’t do all the technical work I do either. But I digress.

Regardless, a reader mentioned to me that this HFD maintenance van was parked in front of 5th and Grand for many days in a row. It obviously blocked the crosswalk, and I even witnessed many “close calls” with pedestrians, and even baby strollers! Not sure why this is here, and why it wasn’t towed, demanded to be moved or otherwise. It most certainly wasn’t an emergency, so why the leniency?

Is this just another example that we need MORE parking before we overdevelop our city straight into the Hudson River?

See some previously ill-mannered city vehicles after the break.

hoboken hfd maintenance van blocking crosswalk may 2007 - City vehicles behaving badly

Here are a couple photos of City vehicles “in the wrong” in the past week.

  • The first one is a City pickup truck at an expired parking meter in front of City Hall. Do they get to park wherever they want for free? Or are they supposed to pay? This was here for what seemed like an hour. Meanwhile, other cars were ticketed in the flood zone. At least they don’t have to pay, but what a hassle!

hoboken city vehicle at expired parking meter april 17 2007 - City vehicles behaving badly

  • This HPU “boot truck” was on the corner of 10th and Bloomfield. Blocking the intersection, in the crosswalk and making it difficult for cars or large SUV’s to turn right.

hpu blocking intersection - City vehicles behaving badly

Can civilians write tickets and get compensated? Maybe we could all join in on the revenue parade!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 9:26 pm

Saw two non city cars on Jefferson between 5th and 6th get tagged for the no-parking parking within 25 ft. of crosswalk….since when are they enforcing that and don’t the corners have to have yellow lines?

Saturday, July 21, 2007 1:32 am

I agree with you totally it is time to take action. I am tired of being bullied by the parking authority who refuse to ticket local contractors for parking violations and simply shake their hands and move on. 🙁

Sunday, July 1, 2007 6:36 pm

the ig story is even better he lived in the projects as a youth. Another way is to write your complaints and mail the letter ,registered returned reciept , when they have to sign for something they get nervous and don’t want a paper trail . so you force their hand. But ifit is a police vehicle you might be better off contacting internal affairs mainly a lt. michael mc govern a real rat bastard,everybody hates him and he hates everybody.

Tama Murden
Tama Murden
Sunday, July 1, 2007 3:32 pm

Re 144.escaped68: Thanks for this hot-tip. It may wind up being any empty effort to report to the Inspector General, but still worth trying, as far as I’m concerned. And if enough folks follow-up, perhaps he will take action, just to get us off his back?

I also am going to pursue some inside connections I have at the P.A. From all I’ve heard/observed, it’s quite a pathological organization. Lovely, especially since it’s mostly free of any regulation, by dint of it’s statutory creation. But I seem to recall Corzine (& Spitzer) are trying to remedy that apparent autonomy.

Sunday, July 1, 2007 7:22 am

Here is something to keep in mind when dealing with the port authority, their inspector general is a former hoboken police superior .So you must follow up and haunt him or he will treat you like another complainer. Chances are he was given the job by the powers in either city hall or the county, so you know where his loyality lies.

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