Doesn’t look like Hoboken

Where was this photo taken in Hoboken?

A little twist on the original Hoboken411 “Where is This?” photo series this week.

Some photos – instead of cropped pieces of a bigger picture – will be like the shot below. Do you know where this traffic scene is in Hoboken?

Doesn't look like Hoboken where is this traffic shot 1

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eh 5 blocks off… the building in the back got me confused


hoboken hasn’t looked the same in 40 years.. progress..Hoboken is a great place to dine out ,but insane to live there.. never before has it been this bad for just visitors parking and spending 200 on food and another 300 on getting booted..yes we know there is parking but give it a break.. 🙂 [quote comment=”207678″]eh 5 blocks off… the building in the back got me confused[/quote]


Well the bus “89” only runs on Willow, Park, 14th street, Washington, and It makes a left turn on Observer Highway when it parks in the terminal. (unless it’s one of those days when they close Washington down, busses take another route).

It’s also a two way street, so all these streets mentioned above are “two way” streets.

Now I realize the bus 89 sign says “Hoboken Terminal, Via park ave”. This indicates the bus is coming into Hoboken.

We can see a dude riding a bike (with a backpack), a girl crossing the street (with a backpack), seems like they are coming from work… so ummm I would say it’s near theTerminal but…idk tricky

So then we narrow it down to what it seem’s like a building with huge windows and a red horizontal pattern all the way in the back. This could be those lofts on 15th Street near the waterfront.

And then we take the construction workers so it’s probably repair’s near the collapsed waterfront…

So I think I’ll say that this location is the four way intersection on 14th Street and Washington.

Am I right?