Celebrity Trainer Ary Nunez at W Hotel

Fitness guru Ary Nunez debuts “Gotham Ninja” class at W Hoboken

Ary Nunez, celebrity trainer and fitness guru, will debut her ‘Gotham Ninja’ class this summer at two W Hotel properties – W New York – Downtown and W Hoboken. Both luxury properties will partner with UrbanDaddy to host a series of intimate one-hour fitness class experience led by Nunez, famous for her work training international music superstar Rihanna.

Ary Nunez Gotham Ninja at W Hotel Hoboken NJ June 2011 - Celebrity Trainer Ary Nunez at W Hotel

The ‘Gotham Ninja’ class is a fusion of seven martial arts practices, dance, plyometrics and aerial training. The goal of the exercise routine is to fight gravity, lift one’s own body weight, strengthen one’s stance and balance, and to develop intricate muscle memory. Fitness enthusiasts will be able to enjoy this once-in-a lifetime experience at four different sessions in New York and New Jersey. Tickets will be sold at www.urbandaddy.com

W New York – Downtown is the newest symbol of the ultimate cosmopolitan lifestyle in Lower Manhattan, offering upscale cosmopolitan luxury and signature comforts in the city’s most revitalizing area.

W Hoboken, the luxurious waterfront landmark on the Hudson River, offers guests and visitors magnificent views of the New York City skyline. Ary Nunez is a former Hoboken resident.

Gotham Ninja Dates

  • Saturday, June 11 at W New York – Downtown 9am-10am
  • Sunday, June 12 at W Hoboken 9am-10am
  • Saturday, June 25 at W New York – Downtown 9am-10am
  • Sunday, June 26 at W Hoboken 9am-10am


Ary Nunez is an internationally renowned fitness personality, Nike sponsored athlete and owner of Gotham Global Fitness, LLC. – A company founded on the principles of Eastern and Western Philosophies of training the human form. Nunez is a sexy super-sonic trainer, health psychologist and lifestyle coach to celebrities, every day overachievers and students of her eastern and western fitness arts. Her fitness background is in the martial arts (Ary is black belted in karate, tae kwon do and Kung Fu and has studied seven martial arts in todal), dance (professional for ten years), and western athletics. This entrepreneur speaks internationally and is featured in fitness videos, print ads, commercials, independent films, reality/documentaries and theatre performances – bridging art, evolution and fitness. Ary teaches her “Gotham Orchestra” of group fitness classes at Exclusive Global and National Fitness Facilities and privately trains clients at her studio in New York City’s Flower District. Tune into your television and you will find this bilingual personality hosting health and wellness segments on any one of the major networks including Discovery Channel, ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, NY1, etc.

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