Reader Mail: Free parking for flats?

3:57pm Update: Here’s a letter from another 411 reader:

“Well that didn’t take long.
If the folks in City Hall can’t get onto Hoboken411 someone is certainly monitoring it.
By noon today a couple of guys were working on the caddy behind City Hall, couldn’t help but notice that they looked like city employees. Nice use of our tax dollars.”

Here, an anonymous reader wonders if it’s good to have City Hall / Parking Authority friends..


Love the site, keep up the wonderful work.

I’ve been noticing the same Caddy behind City Hall for the last two weeks in the same exact spot & thought it had gone on long enough that I should share with others the apparent lack of parking regulation enforcement. Seems the car owner has a nice flat rear tire & has been able to park the car on Bloomfield directly behind City Hall for the last two weeks. The owner must have some good friends @ HPU & City Hall since the car has gone without tickets, without a boot, & without being towed. How long to you think your own car would last in a Police Parking Zone?”

I wondered myself about this. It could very well be an unfortunate senior citizen with limited resources and means that the HPD is just offering a “courtesy” to. But at least have it moved someplace private so that spot can be used for an operational vehicle.


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Thats cool, we can agree to disagree, thats what the site is all about. If I see you out, first beer is on me. (And I won’t be at lounge 11! 😉



I would like to offer my deepest and sincerest apologies for some of the insults I’ve thrown your way the past few days. Though I disagree with your view of this situation I respect you and your opinion.



Like I said…people with nothing better to do. Sorry grammar police, you must be fun at parties! 🙄


[quote comment=”22777″]Here’s the thing, If this wasnt 2007 and the internet wasn’t around, NOBODY would know or care about this guys car! People would have other, more important things to spend their time on. But now, as we have instant info 24/7,

people feel the need to comment on every bit of minutia in this town.
I thought this site was set up to point all all the shady land deals, the backroom politics, the sleazy politicians of the town, not some guy leaving his car unattended for a few days![/quote]

Actually the internet has been around for over 20 yrs, it’s spelled minutiae, and yes it was noteworthy that somebody was using their position as a city employee to park their car or a friends car illegally for over two weeks.

Keep trying there chief. Don’t you have a GED test to study for or something? 🙄


The car has been moved, for whatever reason…..give it up. Gosh. This is boooor-rinnnnnng.