Beach Blanket Bingo Cabaret

The Theater Company – FREE music shows at Shipyard Park

At 3pm on Sunday, June 12th and June 19thThe Theater Company is providing FREE entertainment over at Shipyard Park (13th St. & Shipyard Lane).

They call these free cabaret shows Beach Blanket Bingo, “A rock-and-roll cabaret in the vein of our much-praised Back to Broadway and On Broadway cabarets.”

This production was created in conjunction with The Theater Company’s Psycho Beach Party – which has performances scheduled throughout June over at the Monroe Center for the Arts.

Participants include: Clara Barton Green, Jenny Fersch, Clarence Ilanan, Tatum Kenney, Michael Livingston, Francesca Marrone, Judith Moss, Kara Moulter, Liza Poor, Mariah Ralph, Steven Slatten, Nicole Spano and Branan Whitehead.

Accompanied by David Zimmerman on piano, Joel Condon on bass, and Adam Moulter on percussion.

Here’s a video promo for the Psycho Beach Party that might tweak your interest for some arts & culture in Hoboken!


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