Win $50 – Cornerstone Pets Photo Contest

Cornerstone Pets “Caught in the Act” Photo Contest

cornerstone pets logoCornerstone Pets (105 9th St.) is currently having a fun photo contest! Just “like” them on Facebook – and submit your entry for a chance to win $50.

“Woo Hoo! Drop everything! Tell yer friends! Win boatloads of cash totalling $50. Ever caught your pooch or kitty up to no good? Favorite pair of shoes chewed to pieces? Shredded roll of toilet paper? Maybe you have your own Klepto-Kitty? Well, break out the hidden cameras cuz our contest theme is “Caught In The Act”! Just upload a photo (or even video) of the guilty little beast. We’ll be picking the winner again, but the judges votes can be swayed so comment on your favorites!! Remember – it’s gotta be your pet. No cheating unless you’re a cheater and we mean it. Really.”

I submitted this pic when I caught Oscar publishing stories about Poodles… that bugger!

hoboken411 oscar

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