Sun Eruption & Hot Weather

Yep – a mini heat wave in Hoboken

For those who have no idea about the weather this week – it’s gonna be hot. Any anyone with a shred of common sense already knows the drill (hydrate, minimize activity, watch kids & elderly, et al.) – so I’ll show you a pretty picture instead:

Hoboken NJ Heat Wave June 2011 - Sun Eruption & Hot Weather

Massive sun eruption – they say don’t worry

Yesterday – the sun had an “eruption” that scientists say they’ve never witnessed before. Very impressive – like the size of 1000 planet Earths! You can see the video and explanation below.

Did you know that whole “global warming” thing-a-ma-bob politicians and lobbyists love talking about? Well, some people are believers that the fluctuations in temperature on Earth are directly related to the Sun (Sun spot activity, solar irradiance, and others).

You can check out the Sun spot plotter – and see how activity has ranged over time (just like the earth’s temp.) Go figure!

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