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Description – Nails salon & spa
Address –
231 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone –
(201) 714-4277

Hoboken%20Nails%20and%20spa - Hoboken Nails And Spa

Okay so I figured why not try the new place on the block.

Well first impression was that it seemed very clean, stylish, and hot. Apparently the air conditioning system was not in gear yet. The staff was very friendly from the get go. Asking my name and trying to personalize the attention.

I will next time ask that my manicure and pedicure be done separately. Although a great option for those in a time crunch it wasnt all that relaxing with someone working on the legs/ feet/ and hands at the same time. After a long day my mental span is short enough.

Speak of relaxing, the giant massage pedi chairs were a bit disappointing. Too rough for me and when I turned it off I had these knobs poking me in the back for the rest of the time. The mani and pedi were good. No cuts from the cuticle clippers which is always a plus.

I'll let you know in a few days how the polish holds up. Always the true test. But so far looks promising. Post mani and pedi went to the drying station to get a short inclusive back rub. nice added touch. Lastly let me mention the price was great. Twenty dollars for the combo. I believe that is the cheapest in town.

So give this new nail place a try and share your comments!

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I tried having a UV gel fill in done here. The woman had no clue what she was doing. Whatever she used on my nails caused them to burn like no one’s business. I had to make them stop and run my nails under cold water for 5-10 minutes. I walked out and the nasty owner still insisted i pay them $40 for the unfinished job. i will never go back. i should have known better than to stray from the excellent salon i go to in another town. i won’t mention which it is because it is already too crowded! 😉


I totally agree with anna. I too went in there during their first week of business but they didn’t tell me cash only until AFTER I got a manicure nad pedicure that took FOREVER. Every other place in town can do both in an hour and this place took forever. The equipment is all new and the place is beautiful but the quality of their work is horrible. I’ll stay with Viva La Nails on Washington between 5th and 6th streets. They do a great job and are fast. My nail polish last over a week when I get them done there!


Here's a question: What DOESN'T make you need a "strong" drink? Tongue out


I tried out this place the 3rd day they opened their doors. I had a long day at the office and could not resist the big comfy pedicure chairs they had in the window as I walked by.

Walked in and was greeted promptly and they told me cash only. Ok…..so I walk around the corner to Bank of America get my cash and come back 5 minutes later.

Sat down and I got an OK at best pedicure. The worst part was the nail polish. They girl messed up some of my toes 3 times and kept having to remove and reapply.

I was late for my dinner plans and needed a strong drink after this “relaxing” session.

Now, I must reinstate that it was the third day the place was open so I am all about giving people a second try, especially because they were nice and I think they realized they sucked and were apologetic.