Uptown Pier “concert” bugging residents

Thursday Night Pier performances in Hoboken disrupt some neighbors

Hoboken Pier Sessions have been taking place on Thursday nights over at the 13th Street Pier (south of the 14th Street Pier) near the Shipyard Marina for the past couple summers.

A “mixed media” kind of event – with music, art, shopping and more. A different lineup every other week. Many Hoboken residents and visitors enjoy the cultural change of pace on the waterfront.

However, the concert that kicked off the 2011 season last week seemed to have rubbed quite a few residents the wrong way. I personally overheard numerous complaints phoned in to the Hoboken Police Department. Uptown resident Jason (who lives nearly 1000 feet from the performance space – and on the 13th floor) – was so astonished by the disruption that he actually took a brief video of the noise – and sent a letter to Hoboken411 and the City Council.

It doesn’t need to be that loud

“Where I live, the volume level from the band at last week’s “Pier Sessions” was like nothing I’ve ever heard. There have been performances there in the past. But it’s never been this loud, this late and on a weeknight in a neighborhood where lots of people have young children. The cell phone video was shot from my balcony door – several blocks away and 13 stories up. As you can hear, I might as well have been in the front row. And it sounds like this event is scheduled to be held every Thursday all summer!

I’m an experienced musician myself and perform all over the place, including several bars in town. There is ZERO NEED to play at that volume for a crowd that small (around 100 people). I’ve seen bars in this town get tickets for noise for levels FAR lower than that.”

Did you overhear last weeks show? How would you compare it to previous events? Honest mistake – or obnoxiously over-the-top?

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011 10:33 am

i am the person who shot this video… from my balcony door… just to clarify something… i never said i was anti-live music… i’ve performed live in this town more times than i can count… from bars… to fundraisers… to street fairs… to private parties… to saint patrick’s day… and more. i don’t think it’s an unreasonable request to be able to hear my own TV in my apartment though. if you live above a bar… that’s one thing. but when you move into what’s supposed to be one of the quietest buildings in town… this kind of noise on a weekly basis isn’t supposed to be part of the deal. if you had music- at that volume– pumped into your living room… i suspect all of you would have the same reaction. and there are probably a couple hundred people who live even closer to the stage than i do… i can only imagine how loud it must be for them. lots of people in these apartments have kids.. and lots of people in these apartment have jobs with very early wake up calls… which means you are in bed long before 10pm. i am happy to hear they are going to face the sound system the other way… that could make a big difference…. but we’ll have to wait and see. and to the person who suggested i “should come down from the confines of his luxury building and have a drink with some real people”…. please…. get… Read more »

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 5:05 pm

The configuration of the performers was a bit different last year which resulted in less sound bouncing off the buildings, going into town etc. In an attempt to have people better see what was going on and make it seem more inviting a different set up was tried this year for the first concert and a professional sound man was used but it still resulted in too much sound carrying. The performers will be set up as they were last year, facing the river, for the next concert. This drastically cuts down on any sound bouncing off of the buildings and spreading into town. The Pier Sessions are a free event for the residents of Hoboken and are supposed to add to the community any criticisms are welcome. I don’t speak for everyone involved but I felt I had to post something in response to this “Entry”. I don’t know if putting Concert in quotations was meant to be funny or detract from the legitimacy of the Pier Sessions but these were planned and put together well in advance by people and performers who are doing all the work for free because they want to see another outlet for live music in a town that once had many.

Monday, June 6, 2011 8:30 pm

I love the Pier Sessions. It’s always really nice to spend a summer night listening to great local music, put on by great people, all while having a drink and taking in the amazing view, for FREE. Not everyone gets to look out of their window and have a skyline view. I believe if this guy hates noise, he should move to burbs where it’s quiet and he can yell “get off my lawn” to the pesky kids all day long. Maybe even next time he should come down from the confines of his luxury building and have a drink with some real people, he might actually enjoy himself. We need to support more artistic endeavors in this town instead of complaining about them.

P.S. It’s a real Concert.

Monday, June 6, 2011 4:34 pm

One listener’s pleasure may well be another listener’s pain. When I lived in NYC my neighbor was a Floutist who played Jazz Flute just like Ron Burgundy, usually on the weekends and always late at night which was the only time I was home.

I never complained it was always better than the sounds of the other neighbors who seemed like they were constantly rearranging their furniture at 3AM!

Monday, June 6, 2011 4:24 pm

Next time you’re cranking your Pearl Jams on the Ipod remember that Eddie Vedder would be so pissed at you for complaining about a free concert, put on by people who care about enriching your community.

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