Roof Repair Scam in Hoboken

Hoboken: Be wary of roof repair scam artists!

Hoboken Police have a warning about a prolific scam artist making way through town – who uses the premise of “roof repairs” to steal belongings or bilk unsuspecting residents out of money.

Hoboken Roof Repair Scam Alert

Targets Seniors and other unsuspecting residents

The scammer seems to targets elderly citizens since they’re more trusting. He sometimes claims that he needs to come through their home to access the neighbors roof or states that while fixing another roof he noticed some damage on theirs.

Once inside he distracts them enough to allow him to wander through the home and take personnel belongings. (i.e. Jewelry, credit cards, cash, etc.) He will sometimes ask them to perform tasks making believe they are assisting him with assessing the damage, but it’s pure distraction (i.e. “Please stand by the faucet and turn the water on and off until I say stop”).

If he does not succeed with this, he then explains that he found damage on the roof and gives them an estimate cost to repair. If they agree, he obtains a deposit from them and of course, never returns to do repairs. He even accompanied one victim to the bank to get the money.

This male claims his name is “John” and he represents “ADC Roofing.” He is described as being a white or light skin Hispanic Male who is approximately 30-35 years of age, approximately 5′ 8″ in height, clean shaven and a very thin build. He usually wears either a painters cap or baseball cap, with blue or black pants/jeans and a white t-shirt. He also has several tattoos down his left arm which appear to be all ABOVE his elbow area. One victim states the actor was driving a Silver or Gray colored sport utility vehicle which had a rear spoiler and appeared to be a late model Lexus or Toyota.

If you have any additional information about this man – or have recently come in contact with a person fitting this description – contact the Hoboken Police Department at 201-420-2100 or the Detective Bureau at 201-420-5106.

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Friday, June 3, 2011 12:57 am

aka Gypsy Travelers, I know they tend to come through in waves.

“A caravan, it’s for me Ma. Perrywinkle blue.”

Thursday, June 2, 2011 10:18 pm

How would anyone fall for this?

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