Water Cooler – 4/18/2007

hoboken-fire-415.jpgA lot happened in the past week!

Big events, read all the comments about:

The Nor’easter that we got pummeled by.
Flooding picture gallery plus videos here and here (some fire videos mixed in).

Then the 4-alarm fire photos here and here.

In addition are some of the other randomly selected comments, plus I’ll try to post some weekly stats too.

In the past 7 days:
New registered users: 115
Comments made: 1,430

  • Second Ward Race
    whewwhewwhew says: “I am amazed that this guy actually thinks he is qualified to hold a coffee cup, let alone a Council seat. “
  • Pedicabs – Good or Bad?
    fmn says: “we replace some of the taxis with these and we’ll be just fine”
  • Board of Education Election April 17th
    BokenGuy says: “Would be interesting to see how the political landscape would change in Hoboken if the young professionals started to vote”
  • Corzine injured in auto accident
    homeworld says: “‘Most New Jerseyans do not say what towns they live it, but instead use exit numbers.’

    Fox News, once again funnier than Comedy Central” and
    ljavy8 says: “I think it’s pretty crappy that the first instinct was that he was drunk, though I guess we can blame other NJ politicians for that. “

  • Don Imus – Free speech or not?
    revpnice44 says: “I can’t wait for ‘To Catch a Predator’ catches both Imus and Sharpton in one episode. That would be sweet.”
  • Reader Mail: Building Contractors
    mob622 says: “FPV just did my place and they did a nice job. Made great suggestions in terms of style and finishes. I would highly recommend them.”
  • Live Police and Fire Action
    JeniGump says: “Has anyone else been listening to the scanner this morning? The FD/PD are stretched to the max and doing a ton of extra work. Some of these guys have been on since midnight. Thank a cop this week.”
  • Uh oh, get your boots ready!
    justaview says: “‘I think I see Mr Hanky coming out of the Porta John. How did he get here from South Park. “ and
    johna07030 says: “‘Well good news… NY Waterway is running ferry service from the 2nd st lightrail stop to all points west.” and
    SarahC says: “I’ve been listening to the police scanner – I wouldn’t bother leaving the house.”
  • The city’s response to the flooding
    whewwhewwhew says: “‘This looks like a hostage video. They are reading and looking into the camera as if AK47’s are being pointed at their heads just off camera.” and
    timbo111 says: “I can’t stop watching this video. I keep waiting for Borat to come out.”

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Tama Murden
Tama Murden
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 11:28 pm

A general Water Cooler comment….

411 does a phenomenal job in this town, don’t we ALL agree??

I can only speak for myself, but I believe 411 covers an extraordinary array of stuff here. And offers us all, a great venue to vent, be smart, stupid, and everything else.

I’m not him/her, but I might be COMPLETELY burned-out, after a year of covering this completely crazy town….


So, I’m proposing that we make a way to more smartly (key word) contribute to 411…

(& hope this is okay, 411)

Throw out “assignments” and people here respond, start to help you out (responsibly), much more, w/this MAMMOTH, important effort you’ve launched….?

After all, we’re all reaping the benefits from all your hard work….

Can’t we start to reciprocate?

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