The city’s response to the flooding

I just wanted to throw this “official” video of Hoboken’s “Emergency Alert” up because the soundtrack was so excellent. Top 40 hit for sure. Gives me goose bumps each time I hear that guitar riff. I’m not sure whether I should get up and dance, or send a defibrillator over to city hall to wake up the panel of officials.

All joking aside, this is a necessary communication from City Hall.

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Get these guys a job at Hudson Local News. They’re naturals. Potatochip asked if anything they did makes us happy. The thing is PC, when he talks bullshit all the time, vis a vis this new sewer system weeks before the election, then nothing is taken seriously. Everything is politically motivated….you know it, I know it, we all know it. So for argument’s sake, even if he says something remotely sincere or authentic…it’s not even heard because it so rarely happens. This video was political nothingness.


“The room drove me nuts, but not as much as Roberts’ face. Does he have Bell’s Palsy or something? He was moving one side of his face more than the other side.”

All I can tell you is the side that was moving was the side he was lying out of :mrgreen:



Thanks for posting the video. My computer wasn’t able to run it on the NJ site, but it turns out I can view it here just fine.

I thought the fire chief was organized and planning ahead. I also thought that he looked pretty good for a guy who was theoretically helping or coordinating fight a fires all day long.

The room drove me nuts, but not as much as Roberts’ face. Does he have Bell’s Palsy or something? He was moving one side of his face more than the other side.

Tama Murden

Certainly one of the more blackly comic videos–as well, the subsequent comments. Thanks for making me laugh, posters, in the aftermath of a very not-funny Sunday!

But also tragi-comic, given the seriousness of the events. This trio of buffoons’ presentation sadly suggests the collective IQ of a carrot! Cartoonish, just like these public servants!

I found the music conjured something a few notches below a Quinn Martin Production (if that’s possible).

Yes, one wonders why all the background pics (mostly of past mayors?) are so “crooked”….

And YES, Mr. Cassessa has significant, often-undisclosed real estate holdings, not to mention an obscene public servant’s salary (so does “Dr.” LaBruno, for that matter—reportedly, the only higher-paid Chief of Police in America is LAPD’s)!

Quite the rogues’ gallery….


He makes more than a fire chief in NY? So what! They negotiated a better contact. NYC has to pay hundreds of fire chiefs. Hoboken has to pay maybe 2. Life ain’t fair. Get used to it.