Reporter Roundup – 4/17/2007

suggestion-box-shredder.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are some is a highlight from the 4/15/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Didn’t have the luxury of studying the paper this week, and with a massive influx of readers the past two days (and related server issues), not much has happened on 411 other than the crazy rain and four alarm fire.

But I did pick up on this very annoying article.

  • The removal of the political campaign signs. I smell something fishy now that the “officials” all of a sudden want to “crack down” on these signs. What are they afraid of? Why NOW? Selective enforcement, and bogus statements just means that they know that their days are numbered, and will do anything possible to prevent being voted out.

    What are your thoughts about this?

That’s all for this week. More next time.

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2 More patorage jobs.
Are they taking down all those MOVING signs, etc….or is just Mayor Roberts protecting his newly minted Stack guys because it is easier for him to deal with the same old gang than open the City City Hall to people who can’t be bought.


The article also mentioned that 2 people were HIRED to remove the signs. The old sign removers were not available?


If that’s the case, Mayor Roberts should be summoned for his “Mayor Roberts Wishes you a happy holidays” signs they always put up around town for Christmas and the other signs around town with his name on them.


What an absolute load of crap – I’ve never seen more political signs in all my life than for Menendez this fall – including plenty of them nailed directly into trees up and down first street.