Flooding issues may be worked out

So you might have heard that there is some 45 million dollar plan in the works to re-vamp our failing sewer system.

It is not being rolled out today, but a large scale plan has been devised to fix the city’s flooding problems. The design is past the abstract (engineers have already planned it) and it will soon be unveiled.

I’m curious as to why this hasn’t gotten more headlines in Hoboken. Supposed to start in a year, and be finished in two years. What does the H.A.T.T. have to say about that?

Here’s a 15 minute video clip taken from News12 tonight. Sorry, it’s unedited and has commercials, in addition to the “evaluation copy” words plastered across. I was ripping a DVD and that’s all I had to work with at the moment.

The video clip contains various flood information in NJ, plus Mayor Roberts can be seen speaking at around the 10:00 minute mark if you don’t want to sit through it.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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NJ Transit can’t even get the trains to run in the rain. They’re going to solve the flooding?

Russo promised help from NJT 8 years ago too… Then he lost…then locked up! 😈


If there is anything I can do re a recall I would be glad to pitch in my fair share. 😉


Campaign motto going forward “No benefit of the doubt, vote their @sses out!” 8)


This is obviously a complete load of crap… How did this materialize out of nowhere suddenly?
This is a desperate attempt by the mayor 3 weeks before the election…
If this had actually been done, do you think it wouldn’t have been mentioned until now (conveniently during a huge storm that was flooding the SW part of town that ‘only floods in the event of a 100 year storm’, which seems to occur every 3 months here.)???
Our town government needs to take some responsibility and stop lying to the people who live here..
Other than that, enjoy the new waterfront property until the Hudson river recedes…