Ticketed in Flood Zone

A lot’s happened in the past couple days. I somehow recall the city indicating that no one should be out driving.

However, that didn’t stop the meter maids from ticketing these cars right near the flooded area. What gives?

DSCN1820 - Ticketed in Flood Zone
DSCN1853 - Ticketed in Flood Zone

DSCN1854 - Ticketed in Flood Zone
DSCN1858 - Ticketed in Flood Zone

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[quote comment=”22239″]HOBOKEN PARKING AUTHORITY — ticket the people who park on the god damn curb in the yellow zone! ticket them now and ticket them often.[/quote]

I think it’s more important to think about the difficulties of parking and how we resolve it rather than screaming and shouting that everyone should be ticketed or towed.

a few ideas:

– Place stop signs at every intersection (both ways) to slow down traffic and allow cars to park in the yellow.
– Ban SUV’s from the yellow but allow cars.
– Create parking lot’s on the north and south end of town with shuttles or buy the light rail(a large % probably only use their cars at weekends).
– Encourage the use of bikes / scooters / motorbikes by creating parking areas / friendly roads
– Ban old people from driving and crush their cars.
– Ban women from ‘driving’ and give their cars to charity.
– Ban teenagers from everything. Make them take a pedicab.
– Encourage drinking and drug taking throughout the day, but clamp down on driving under the influence.


HOBOKEN PARKING AUTHORITY — ticket the people who park on the god damn curb in the yellow zone! ticket them now and ticket them often.


In today’s nj.com HPU John Correa has a heart! There was absolutely no place to go, traffic was thick on Washington St for hours and when you have RA you can’t run up and down stairs feeding meters all day so I was given 60.00 worth of tickets! Oh Boy can’t wait until I get a disability tag. METER MADNESS Angry residents get action: Hoboken to dismiss tickets Wednesday, April 18, 2007 By CHARLES HACK JOURNAL STAFF WRITER HOBOKEN – Many drivers trying to move their cars to higher ground during Monday’s flooding in the Mile Square City were piqued to find parking tickets on their windows. The Hoboken Parking Utility – which said yesterday that it would waive the fines – issued tickets at parking meters, even though many streets, especially the southern and western sections of the city, were under water. Some drivers questioned yesterday afternoon said the city had a lot of nerve handing out tickets while the city was in a “state of emergency.” “I am not surprised, especially in this city,” said Lauren Potente, 26, a Hoboken resident who was walking to her car on Second Street yesterday afternoon. “They are out in the rain or snow. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or not. You’re ticketed or booted.” Arnie Doyle, of Bloomfield Street, said he could understand if drivers were taking advantage of the situation but with many streets cordoned off because of the rain some drivers would not have had an alternative.… Read more »


[quote comment=”21947″]Parking tickets don’t really surprise me.. Now once the floodwaters stop, if you show me a booted car with a ticket from the last few days, that would be some handy work.[/quote]

You think the HPU has a SCUBA-booter?? 😯