Union City Wall collapse

4/17/2007 Update:

Seems as if this time required for fixing the walls may impact traffic in SW Hoboken.

Part of 14th St. viaduct could be closed for weeks

wall-collapse-union-city.jpgUNION CITY — The south wing of the 14th Street viaduct, where a retaining wall from the parking area at the Doric apartment complex collapsed during yesterday’s heavy rains, will remain closed for at least two weeks, county officials said today.

Debris from another wall collapse, which occurred Sunday night a few hundred feet away on the north wing of the viaduct, will likely be cleared by Thursday and will reopen to traffic then, said Jim Kennelly, a spokesman for Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise.

After the mess is cleaned up, county engineers will inspect that site to ensure that it is safe for traffic on the north wing, Kennelly said.

The wall collapse at the Doric will cause more problems and require a portion of the road to be rebuilt.

“It’s proving to be a bigger problem than the bigger breach,” DeGise said. “The retaining wall affects the structural integrity of the road, so we need to rebuild it before opening it up to traffic.”

Union City and Hudson County officials have already begun rebuilding the wall, which is expected to cost about $225,000.

But because the wall is on the property of the Doric, a 48-unit co-op, it is possible that Doric residents will be responsible for picking up the tab.

“It’s not on Hudson County property. It’s the responsibility of the Doric,” DeGise said. “We want to open the road ASAP, so I made the decision that we would fix the wall as quickly as possible, and then worry about whose responsibility it is.”

Nancy Mulligan, the managing agent at the Doric, said she hasn’t discussed who will pay for rebuilding the wall.

Meanwhile, residents are coping with the traffic congestion and general inconvenience that has resulted from the collapse of both walls.

“It’s really bad during rush hour, especially at the corner of Paterson Plank Road,” said Ricardo Bach, 51, who lives in the Doric. “And this whole thing has been really bad for elderly and disabled people.”

Read the original story below.

Maybe if it fell into Hoboken, we’d be on “higher ground”?

Wall collapses reported in NJ, Staten Island

Btn. Paterson Plank Rd & 14th St.

(New York – WABC, April 16, 2007) – A wall collapsed onto the 14 Street Viaduct, between Paterson Plank Road and 14th Street, just after midnight.
Eyewitness News is told the 50-foot retaining wall crashed onto cars and took down power lines on the busy street.

Authorities did not believe anyone was trapped under the debris.

The street is a major county road, and an indirect feeder into the Lincoln Tunnel.

The cause of collapse is under investigation. It appears to be caused by the weather.

The wall, made of blue stone, was constructed in the 1920s. It could take several days to clear the debris.

A second wall collapse, this one a retaining wall in the rear of a row of town houses, was reported in the Rosebank section of Staten Island.

Officials say the wall collapsed in the rear of the Waterview Court just before 9 a.m.

The nine townhouses were left overhanging a ravine that dropped to the ocean.

Some 28 residents and 12 pets were temporarily displaced while authorities solidified the structure.

The weather may have been the cause of the retaining wall collapse.

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I apologize for the double posting, I found a more extensive look into the elevated cable railway that used to be from the ferry to JC.


Does anyone ever actually go to these or am I just waisting my time here?


[quote comment=”22313″]If more of these wall sections collapse, maybe Hoboken could build a ski lift up to the Heights and we all can use it as a double black trail down into Hoboken.[/quote]

That was tried already:


Extensive history on forms of mass transit through the Palisades.


If more of these wall sections collapse, maybe Hoboken could build a ski lift up to the Heights and we all can use it as a double black trail down into Hoboken.


It’s going to be very interesting to see what kind of affect the collapsing of this retaining wall will have on traffic patterns in Hoboken. I anticipate lots of horn blowing, sirens sounding and overall total chaos in the future. 😥


[quote comment=”22136″]but the projects werent flooded….while all the nice expensive buildings around it were.[/quote]

interesting observation.