Hoboken students have artwork published!

Hoboken Art Contest Results!

We have a winner! (Well, actually, 22 of them!)

“Earlier this year, Ms. Rosemarie Musella entered art work done by her students from Connors School in a contest on CelebratingArt.com.

After waiting patiently for judges to evaluate thousands of submissions from across the country, they were recently informed that, out of about 50 entries from Connors, 22 students had their work selected for publication in a full-color, hardbound, art book, “Celebrating Art.”

The students are:

  • Osama A., Hanif D., Eric R. & Dante W. from seventh grade;
  • Johnmar C. from sixth grade;
  • Faith C., Nyasia M., Allyssa R., Aniya W. & Neoni W. from fifth grade;
  • Valerie G. & Xavier V. from third grade;
  • Janelle A., Evin C., Michael H. & Joel Q. from second grade;
  • Natalia R. from first grade;
  • Daniel C., Dorien M., Melody P., Zion T. & Richard W. from kindergarten.

“Ms. Musella & the students should feel honored because being published reflects the talent, hard work & dedication they’ve all shown. This is not a contest where every entry is invited to be published, as hundreds of quality entries were not selected to be included in the book.

CelebratingArt.com works with teachers to motivate student artists and to create a permanent record of the best entries from our art contests. The company founders, Dr. Tom Worthen, a university professor and his wife Gaylen Worthen, an artist, have worked with schools and teachers for over 15 years. As educators who care about students, privacy is an issue that they take very seriously & do not share any information with a third party. (CelebratingArt.com only uses the art to consider it for awards in the contest and for one time permission to publish each entry. The student owns all rights to his or her own work.)

If you’re interesting in purchasing the book, it can be ordered online at http://www.celebratingart.com.”

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Mrs. L
Mrs. L
Saturday, May 28, 2011 1:29 pm

Congrats to the students!

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