Corzine injured in auto accident

Update 2:

For some strange reason I thought he may have been traveling alone. What would make me think that a billionaire state governor would ever do that??

From Reuters:

NEW YORK, April 12 (Reuters) – New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine was involved in a serious hit-and-run automobile accident near the gambling center of Atlantic City, fracturing his leg, a spokesman said on Thursday.

Corzine broke his leg and was flown to a nearby hospital. One local news outlet that tracks police news, Breaking News Network, said he suffered chest pains while being transported to the hospital but that could not be confirmed.

“The governor’s motorcade was involved in an accident a short time ago. He has sustained injuries. They do not appear to be life-threatening,” said Anthony Coley, Corzine’s spokesman.

A New Jersey state trooper was also hospitalized with more serious injuries after the two-car accident, local media reported.

Television images of the crash’s aftermath showed the governor’s car on the grass beside the Garden State Parkway severely damaged with debris scattered nearby.

He seems to be ok, with non life-threatening injuries. Do you think that if he was driving drunk, he’d get away with it? Wonder how it happened?

From ABC News via 411 reader JeniGump.

New Jersey Gov. Corzine injured in accident

Spokesman: Injuries not life-threatening

corzine-injured.jpg(Trenton- WABC, April 12, 2007) – Eyewitness News has learned that New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has been involved in what appears to be bad accident in South Jersey near Atlantic City.
A spokesman for the governor says the injuries to the governor are not life threatening.

We are told that Corzine was medivacked to Cooper Medical Center in Camden where he suffered a probable broken leg and minor head injuries.

Sources say New Jersey state police helicopters are now in the air looking for a vehicle that may have struck the governor’s car.

We’ll have more throughout the evening and on Eyewitness News at 11.

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[quote comment=”22224″]All because the Gov had a meeting with a basketball team to get to…[/quote]

I think you meant to say, “Photo Op”.



I read something on this last night that said he was going 91mph with flashing lights on. Like that might not freak out the other drivers on the road and cause them to make bad decisions.

All because the Gov had a meeting with a basketball team to get to…


So to sum up: those who are appointed to define and uphold our laws were 1) speeding, 2) in an unstable vehicle (yeah we need more hulking SUVs on the road), and 3) not wearing a seatbelt.



can I be the one to hand him his ticket?
I think Codey’s going to be running the state for a while.

So let me get this straight… 1) Speeding 2) No Seat Belt 3) Any other citizen did this they’d be charged at a minimum with reckless driving!!!! 4) Isn’t there a bit of a “conflict of interest” having the State Police investigate the accident they caused????? Sources: Corzine’s driver was speeding Posted by The Star-Ledger April 17, 2007 12:34PM Categories: News State Police are preparing to release a report that will say the trooper who was driving Gov. Jon Corzine during a serious accident Thursday was speeding at the time, two sources who have been briefed on the report’s contents told The Star-Ledger today. They declined to be identified because the report – which could be released as early as this afternoon – has not been made public by the State Police. Robert Rasinski State Trooper Robert Rasinski was driving the Chevrolet Suburban transporting the governor on the Garden State Parkway in Galloway Township on Thursday night. He swerved to avoid another car and crashed into a median guardrail. The governor was on his way to Princeton to meet with the embattled radio show host Don Imus and the Rutgers women’s basketball team. The governor had to drive because overcast conditions prevented him from using a helicopter. State Police Superintendent Col. Rick Fuentes said hours after the crash that speed did not appear to be a factor. “From our preliminary investigation, it looks as if the trooper did a tremendous job in maintaining what control he could over that vehicle,… Read more »