BoE Ticket – Kids First 2007

Board of Education candidates under the “Kids First 2007” ticket (Carrie Gilliard, Rose Marie Markle, William Tobias and Tricia Snyder) sent this to me for publication on Hoboken411. Comments for any and all candidates should happen in the election section HERE.
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The ‘Kids First 2007’ ticket brings together four unique and especially talented candidates that bring a desire to join with the new Superintendent and current Board member Theresa Minutillo to change the leadership of the schools. Through key components; Leadership, Teamwork and Accountability the results of greater Student Success will bring to Hoboken the Schools ALL students deserve.

The Board of Education for Hoboken sets all policies for the schools, but more than that, it sets a tone. We must expect the best from our students and staff but without a positive example from the board, we won’t get the best results.

Schools can’t succeed until parents, teachers, administrators, students and the board are all working towards the same goal. Parental involvement must be encouraged and cherished not resisted or resented.

We’re spending enough money to give every child a first class education. It is the Boards job to make sure they get it. Great teachers must be recognized and those not yet great must be challenged to become great.

Student Success:
Providing educations programs that challenge and support all students will insure them a successful future. Each child, whether college bound or headed directly to the work world, deserves and needs the excellent education that our schools have the resources to provide.

Please vote for 1A Carrie Gilliard, 4A Rose Marie Markle, 8A William Tobias, 1B Tricia Snyder. To learn more about each candidate visit us at

Thank you
Carrie, Rose, Bill and Tricia