Save Hoboken Teachers!

Petition circulating for Hoboken teachers Ohaus and others

Save Paula Ohaus and Cheng yen Hillenbrand in Hoboken NJ from the evil grip of Kids FirstAs the Mile Square turns…

As you read here on Hoboken411 – an embarrassing “lynch mob” has been determined to remove one of the best resources that Hoboken students have seen in ages: Theatrical Director Paula Ohaus (in addition to other worthwhile faculty.)

Well – people are stepping up, and are continuing the fight to keep these treasured Hoboken faculty members – by creating an online petition to build support.

If you’re in support of keeping good people in our town, and overlooking the petty, immature and egotistical games these so-called “adults” are engaged in – read on:


“Keep Paula Ohaus and Cheng-yen Hillenbrand in the Hoboken public schools!

We, the community of Hoboken, respectfully request that the Board of Education overturn Superintendent Mark Toback’s decision to dismiss Ms. Ohaus and Ms. Hillenbrand.

These excellent teachers have provided invaluable service to their students over many years. They are inspiring, hard-working and dedicated to excellence. WE NEED THEM IN OUR SCHOOLS!

Please sign this petition to show your support for the Theater and Johns Hopkins programs and the wonderful teachers who created them.”

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Thursday, May 26, 2011 1:35 pm

Ms OHaus and Ms Hillenbrand are excellent teachers that go way beyond the duties required .They are the types of teachers that books are written about and movies are made
Everyone keeps talking about Charges Rules broken.
There were no charges – Not one example of rules that Paula violated.
NOT A SINGLE ONE. Toback raises questions and concerns, but these are all resolved or explained either in his meeting with Paula–as the letter points out–or at the BOE meeting after the letter was written. Not one charge has held up.
No money was missing – there was more money
Did Toback ask Judy Burrell about her books at the school store where she receives cash ?

Certainly there are some issues of liability and perhaps some procedures should be tightened up and she should get some help with operations.
The Theater budget is 60k and the athletic budget is 700k
The board could pay for insurance on her car like other districts do.

But to repeat that rules were broken for rules she never broke is a propaganda trick.
To suddenly charge the Theater department with following procedures that none of the other departments do is Discriminatory
To suddenly change rules and then let no one know rules were changed (regarding Charter Schools allowed in play)
Is capricious and arbitrary.
Ms Hillenbrand is responsible for the gifted and talented program .Her children are responsible for Scores going up . The program has the highest passing rate in the country.

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