Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 6/5/2011

Hoboken crime, fire & incident update: June 5, 2011

Hoboken Police and Fire Action Blotter 2011 Sunday 1

Various Hoboken incidents – Sunday, June 5, 2011. This post may be updated as necessary.

  • 11:45pm: “Boyfriend / Girlfriend”
    Reports of a disturbance involving a boyfriend/girlfriend in an apartment at 2nd & Grand Streets. This apparently had something to do with a previous incident at Buskers earlier tonight. Those thinking Nancy Pincus had any involvement – are indeed under the influence themselves.
  • 9:52pm: Light Rail Assault
    “Girl getting beat up” at the 2nd St. Light Rail Station – according to Hoboken Police. HPD is also reaching out to NJ Transit Police. One person under arrest at this time.
  • 8:45pm: Urination Nation
    The owner of 10th & Willow Bar & Grill phoned HPD concerning an issue with a “man urinating.” One might suspect based on that data – that some inappropriate “public peeing” took place near his establishment.
  • 8:00pm: Car accident by City Hall
    Another vehicular accident at 1st & Bloomfield. Isn’t it a bit embarrassing that the area adjacent to the building where “safety” laws are created has so many crashes?

More updates to come…

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Monday, June 6, 2011 12:35 am

Nancy Pincus could have tried to eat the boyfriend and girlfriend, in which case I understand how they might have caused a disturbance in response.

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