Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 5/27 & 5/28

Hoboken crime and fire action: May 27th & 28th, 2011

An ongoing list of various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day for Friday, May 27, 2011 through Saturday morning, May 28, 2011. This post may be updated and “bumped” periodically.

Crimes, Incidents, Fire Calls & Vehicular mishaps

  • 1:55am (5/28): City Bistro – “Unconscious Female”
    Reports of a passed out broad in front of City Bistro on 14th Street. That rooftop bar rocks – I’ve come close to passing out myself! Hope she’s alright!
  • 1:50am (5/28): Taxi Cab Dispute
    At 1202 Hudson Street, reports of a “Taxi cab dispute.” This, my friends – happens multiple times per day. 99% of the time with an NYC cab. There has to be some kind of regulation that says pay upfront, or something along those lines. Because poor, drunk, paycheck-to-paycheck idiots from Hoboken always have an issue when it comes time to pony up. A waste of Hoboken Property Taxpayer dollars to have HPD respond to these incidents!
  • 1:20am (5/28): Drunk causing issues in Midtown Hoboken
    A drunk customer who exited Clinton Social at 7th & Clinton Streets, is now causing enough of a problem to warrant police intervention. Dude – just go home and play Nintendo Wii or something… you’ll wake up on the sofa all safe & sound, rather than in a dang prison cell!
  • 12:20am (5/28): Resident needs 100% peace & quiet
    One Hoboken resident called HPD to report a “group of people sitting on the steps near 12th & Park singing.” While I don’t find other people having a good time problematic – drunk loudmouths who are totally out of key, and obnoxiously disruptive considering the time – I guess I don’t blame her. However, I’d take matters in my own hand instead of wasting city resources. Sober baseball bat trumps drunk teeth every time (I kid, I kid…)
  • 12:10am (5/28): Disorderly
    I have to mention this at least once. But there’s an apartment on the west side of Washington St., south of 4th Street – that has a disruptive police call several times each weekend. Those cop cars you see pulling up now – are for that same repeat offender.
  • 11:59pm: Attempted Burglary
    A woman phoned Hoboken Police, saying that a man (5’7″, no shoes, no shirt) attempting to force her front door down at 1st & Park Ave. Hey ladies – you all need a dog, or a big boyfriend!

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  • 8:20pm: Car accident
    1st & Washington – accident near Carlo’s Bakery. Rubber-neckers!
  • 8:15pm: Street Fight
    3rd & Harrison Streets – reports of a street fight breaking out. Multiple HPD units responding…
  • 6:50pm: “Injured Animal”
    Apparently, there’s some kind of injured animal on the sidewalk near Teak downtown, and a “crowd is forming” around it.
    7:05pm Update: A baby bird fell out of a tree. Animal control en route. If this is as bad as Hoboken news gets tonight – I’m fine with it!
  • 6:30pm: Resident finds home burglarized
    A Hoboken resident living near Castle Point & Elysian Park reported that their home was burglarized via “push-in.” However, this apparently happened yesterday – and they’re just now calling HPD. Hmm – I can’t offer a logical explanation for that!
  • 6:00pm: Drunks at Pier C Park
    Now that Pier C Park is open again, that brings with it mo’ problems. A resident flagged down a Hoboken Police officer saying a group of African American males, who appeared drunk – were harassing passerby and shouting obscenities. Jeez, I hope that’s the worst of it – and we don’t get more jumpers!
  • 9:30am: Car Fire
    Hoboken Fire & Police responding to 5th & River Terrace – for a car fire.
    9:38am Update: False alarm. A panicked passerby mistook smoke from a nearby generator. HFD picking up and returning back to the fire houses.
  • 7:00am: Water Main Break
    11th and Adams. United Water said the only building currently without water is 1100 Adams Street. You probably don’t need to shower if you’re going to the shore. Everyone else – call a friend!

More updates to come!

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