NHL Playoffs

nhl-hoboken-gif.gifA little diversion from typical Hoboken politics and sushi.

Reader (and Ranger fan) “Ho-bo-Ken” reminded me that tonight kicks off the Eastern Conference NHL Playoffs.

New Jersey Devils vs. Tampa Bay Lighting
New York Rangers vs. Atlanta Thrashers
New York Islanders vs. Buffalo Sabres

Any hockey fans here? I’m typically an NFL/MLB type of guy, but many people in town love hockey as well. Who are you rooting for? Where do you watch? Are there any official “Hockey Bars” like they have for NFL teams?

Just as a reference, here are the latest playoff odds for our local teams.

NHL PLAYOFFS SERIES PRICES (Best of Seven 2-2-1-1-1)

New York Rangers -115
Atlanta Thrashers -105

Tampa Bay Lightning +175
New Jersey Devils -210

New York Islanders +400
Buffalo Sabres -600

Overall odds to win the Cup:

New Jersey Devils 9/1
New York Islanders 40/1
New York Rangers 25/1

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[quote comment=”22361″]Rangers beat a team that won a weak conference, they wouldn’t of even made the playoffs out west, and here they would have been the lowest seed if they advanced (NHL reseeds after each round) that being said Devils got a huge win tonight in OT, great game, lets go Devils[/quote]
Rangers Go Down Fighting! devils Fold like a cheap suit. πŸ˜†


see post #5 boys and girls….GO DEVILS
…if anyones intrested..Devils v Ott should be a good series, devils should take care of these guys..no problem, devils in 6.
now for the rangers. dont get me started in a debate here. you guys beat Atl bad. i wasnt impressed with atl. now here comes bad ass Buf, wow these guys have some speed, watch the little guys {all centers} wow. anyway. sorry ranger fans. Buff in 5.

oh, back to topic, liberty bar is great , lots of tv’s and great food.
good luck
old school devils fan
😈 😈 😈 😈


DEVILS!!!! 😈 DEVILS!!! 😈


GO SABRES!! Wooooo!!!



Looks like the NHL wants a Rangers v Detroit matchup. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen.