Hoboken Week in Review – 4/15/2007

train wreck hoboken - Hoboken Week in Review - 4/15/2007Ok, our little train wreck wasn’t nearly as bad, but you never know what might happen one of these days!

Critical date coming up this week. Tuesday the 17th. If you care about Hoboken, vote in the Board of Education election. A massive amount of money is “managed” by the people running the show. Sure, it’s not as exciting or filled with fights, but it’s equally important.

With that being said, let’s move on to what was covered in the past week.

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Reminder that I’d like to start lining up contributors to volunteer an article or two, because sometime in the early summer, I’d like to not use a computer for a week! Let me know if you’re interested, we’ll talk and make future arrangements. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

News, items of importance:

  • High waters? – There’s the potential for some usual Hoboken flooding today and tomorrow.
  • Another reason for seatbelts – Hoboken homeowner and NJ Governor is busted up in a car crash.
  • I mus’ be outta a job – High level controversy over spoken words by popular radio host.
  • Railed – A near catastrophe is nothing more than a mild headache.

Town Government:

  • Candidates Announced – The council races continue to heat up. Some readers still don’t like politics. Keep this on your radar.
  • Candidates Invited – Open still offer to all candidates. I give up on asking. This is the last week I remind them they can express themselves here.
  • Poll-riffic – A mini poll to test the opinion of 411 readers about the upcoming Council Election. Some interesting early results. Will this be the case at the actual polls?
  • Map-riffic – An updated Google map displaying the wards, along with polling locations.
  • Greenery – A coalition is formed to keep the uptown council representatives in line with the public.
  • Hoboken stats and figures – A great resource to dig up information our city doesn’t make readily available.
  • Money Mercury Lot – Political Chess Checkers game involving some real estate, potential candidates, and questionable ethics.


  • Cup of Tea, please – Fun and historical museum event at the upscale Teak restaurant.
  • Hoboken Invitational – Local wedding shop hosts a fun invitation party.
  • Quarter Century – Homeless Shelter celebrates milestone and holds upcoming fundraiser.
  • Say Cheese! – More great 1970’s photos at the Historical Museum.
  • Tough Guy – Hoboken EMS volunteer attempts a feat that would likely mean the end of my life if I attempted it today.
  • Twice a year – The infamous Hoboken Arts & Music Festival, coming next month!
  • Curtains! – Schedule for “Movies Under the Stars”. Poop map not included.

New or Coming Soon (lots):

  • Sue Who? – Chinese restaurant gets a nationality-change and now rolls with the Sushi Gang.
  • Girly Stuff – Local bath and beauty shop now has a roommate selling affordable women’s accessories.

Leaving Town:

  • Grand Opening Doomed – Well received coffee shop/cafe/deli makes a quick exit stage left before the audience was fully seated.


  • The couple reviews I meant to publish haven’t been written yet. Boo!

Fun, Games and Miscellaneous stuff:

  • A Birthday! – This site (me) had an “unofficial” first birthday last week. World peace achieved. Not.
  • Bunch of reader mail! – Cleaning services HERE, Dry cleaners HERE and Building contractors HERE.
  • Internet, no wires – Added a guide to finding free wireless net connections. Work in progress.
  • Hoboken is rendered – A controversial crime-based video game has a Hoboken landmark.
  • Anti-corrupt – A reader points out a radio duo that loves outing crooked public officials.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Stinky – Kids with smelly chemicals make the police radio-waves.

Recent Town Incidents:

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