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hoboken-dry-cleaning.jpgHoboken411 reader “HansBrix” expresses his dissatisfaction with local dry cleaners. I historically haven’t had much trouble uptown, although they’ve lately been trashing my shirts. I believe four nice articles were ruined completely in the past six months.

My guess is that some fruit-cake at the factory inhaled too much perchloroethylene (perc) and replaced one of the ironing mechanisms with a paper shredder.

Dear 411:

Maybe you and your readers can share their vast knowledge in the inner workings of the Hoboken dry cleaning cartel. I’ve experienced a repeat problem and I want to make sure I focus my efforts in the right direction and to the right party.

hoboken-dry-cleaner-stain.jpgFor the second time in a year, I’ve gotten my shirts back only to discover that one is all but ruined by a smallish but quite noticeable reddish-brown stain. It looks like some laundry worker was working with brown paint or something then got handled my shirts before cleaning up.

When this happened before, the dry cleaning place attempted to have the stain removed to no avail. It was as if an enamel-based paint was embedded in the fabric. It was an old and close-to-retirement shirt so I didn’t balk much. But the newly ruined shirt is also newly purchased so I feel I need to take some action.

As much as I’d like to take my business elsewhere, I get the sense that many of the elsewheres farm out the actual cleaning to the same third party dry cleaning/shirt laundering service. I suspect that it’s this third party that creates the problem so changing dry cleaner storefronts might not keep my stuff out of harm’s way.

Of course I could be mistaken in my assumptions. Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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Hey Hans Brix…Did they ruin your panties also..?
Boo hoo hoo….
Sound a little fruity to me…..



I dropped off a suit and got back the jacket with pants that didnt match/weren’t mine. I was patient and the guy was looking for them for 3 weeks. He finally did admit that they were lost and asked me to bring in a receipt to be reimbursed. Once I showed up with the receipt though it was a whole different story. He kept saying “My attorney call you – 2 days”…this went on for 5 weeks before he finally said, take me to court, which I did and he never showed up.

Dont bring your stuff here, it is not done on site and seems like a lot of it gets lost

PS – if someone out there is missing a size 36 blue pair of Nautica pants let me know (and hopefully you will have my suit pants)



Insane place. They lost a garment before for us ….but then they did manage to find it.

Now a different story.

Gave these jokers 33 shirts to launder and 2 to shorten…big mistake…
From the 2 shirts that were to be altered I got back 3…2 do not belong to me….and one of mine is nowhere to be found…

I brought back two shirts and asked for mine back.

Went back there 4 times – each time – “Tailor will call you”….ok…but doesnt he work for you??

Noone called. Finally, when pressed the cleaner accused me of INTENTIONALLY bringing back two shirts and asking for a shirt that does not exist…


Also “it is not my problem” and “take me to court”….

Are you kidding me? Gave this guy may be $1000 worth of business before….STAY AWAY from this loser….


I had a simliar problem with ‘Suds and Sweat; on 1st between Willow and Park – 3 shirts came back at different times with mysterious brown rust-like spots – which they could not remove. I moved my business to DY Willow, everything was fine for the first few months then had the exact same problem with 2 further shirts coming back stained in quick succession. According to the owner he does all washing on-site – however this cannot be a coincidence – ‘Suds & Sweat’ now has new owners and also calls itself an organic cleaners – makes me wonder if these ‘organic’ cleaners are sending shirts to the same spot – my nanny is happy as she keeps getting expensive ruined shorts for her relatives. These shirts were all laundered. :

oh well okay
oh well okay

[quote comment=”74084″]right #23, but i had a bad experience with DY Willow. i had a shirt come back with dye all over it. i pass it almost everyday and i want to give it another try b/c it does seem like it’s well maintained – that definitely counts, by the way – if a store looks dingy it’s a reflection of the owners’s skill/attention at maintaining a business. but i can’t. b/c i can’t fathom the concept of someone messing up dry cleaning. i’ve read all the entries and i’m well aware that people had MUCH worse happen – how can a place ruin a suit or expensive skirt and have that not be a huge deal in someone’s life. mess-ups happen nowhere else. i’ve lived elsewhere and it’s never even been conceived. only here in these sweatshops. so sometimes there are still places that have an old school mentality (in any type of business) and i’m wondering if there are any like this…in house….[/quote]

that’s too bad about the joint on 10th and willow. i really like them. for me it is mostly about getting in and out efficiently and having my stuff ready on time. i really like them – maybe give them another shot