Hoboken by the Numbers

hoboken-dollar-sign.jpgHere’s some “Friday Fun” for you!

A reader reminded me about this great feature that the Star Ledger has available on their website. You can search ALL public records (with limitations) for many statistics in NJ (including Hoboken). Items such as property tax records, government salaries, school information, crime stats, building permits and more.

Click for the website:
NJ.com – New Jersey by the Numbers

Spend some time checking out the site and you can see many interesting information about Hoboken.

I checked briefly, and wanted to see payrolls. They limit the maximum records to 250 per “area”, and here is what I came up with. Records were as of March 2006.

They listed only 629 city employees (with two of the four categories at “Max”). Anyone know the ACTUAL and current city employee “headcount”?

  • 250 Board of Education
  • 250 Other City Employees
  • 80 Hoboken Housing Authority
  • 49 Charter School

Out of the 629 Records, 91 employees were being paid $100k or more, with the top salary (3/2006) of $181,684 (from the BoE). I suppose if someone was willing, you can get all this data into a spreadsheet for easier manipulation. I’m not going to do that!

Search around for yourself! What fun stuff will you find? Report back with your viewpoints.


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The city should be run like a public company, with the mayors compensation being based on how well the city is running… And since we continue to have budget shortfalls each year and the budget continues to go up, he should be getting paid ZERO…
He’s an embarrassment, and a fool…


David Roberts…$132k.

Riiiiiiiiiight. :mrgreen:


I’ve seen RICO applied to less. . .


incorruptible Hoboken Mayors Z-E-R-O


And we wonder why they pander to the developers to keep their jobs.

Wish RICO could be applied to this.