Would a french fry truck work in Hoboken?

Frying Dutchmen truck in NYC looks awesome!

Today – I decided to add a new category on Hoboken411 (it’s about time!)Hoboken Lunch Trucks.

Once I finished putting that together – it reminded me of this tasty sounding lunch truck over in NYC – The Frying Dutchmen – basically a Belgian frites truck that hits various spots in the big city seven days a week.

They even stay at certain locations well into the morning hours (perfect for hungry bar hoppers on the go). Makes you wonder why Hoboken stops the food trucks at 9pm. Asinine!

This of course, is quite similar to Hoboken’s Fresh Pommes Frites spot – however, when I looked at the various sauces The Frying Dutchmen had to choose from, I was blown away at the variety!

“Locked & Loaded” (sour cream, bacon, & cheddar), “Southern Supper” (chicken sausage & mushroom gravy), and “Vampire Repellent” (roasted garlic & aioli). If we don’t get a french fry truck in town – maybe our already established venues can take a cue from The Frying Dutchmen – and improve their dipping sauces!

The Frying Dutchmen French Fry Truck imagine if it was in Hoboken NJ - Would a french fry truck work in Hoboken?

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011 6:20 pm

want 😛

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 1:15 pm

there’s a lot of french being fried in the city!

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