Hoboken can look like a mobster flick!

[The final entry in the “Saturated Sketches of Hoboken” Photo Series…]

Scorcese and Coppola Would Appreciate Hoboken Rubble

As many of you know, construction activity for the Toll Brothers 1450 Washington St. project is taking place just north of City Bistro on the vacant lot. I noticed something interesting about this site recently: if you walked by there after a hearty rainfall and took a good look at the construction odds-and-ends lying around, and saw the misty blue New York skyline in the background – you would be thinking only one thing, “perfect rubout scene for a mobster flick.”

Too bad this cool-looking site wasn’t around during the filming of “Mean Streets” or “The Godfather.”

So, though you won’t find any big time producers or directors of film around here… sadly you might find a forlorn feral kitty who is so sad she wouldn’t even respond to me or my dog. Poor, poor kitty…

Enjoy your weekend, Hoboken!

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I’m always really sad for the kitties here. My dog loathes cats but doesn’t bark at the really depressed or down-and-out ones. Seriously. And he is OK with these cats.

I know the construction workers who are there during the day are busy, but I wonder if/wish they would do something to help these cats before the site starts construction. They could have a better life…

The Professor
The Professor

Neat picture of the cement mixers, and the Empire State Building just peeking out. I keep wondering what will happen to the block of 14th when they build on this lot (14th Street Pizza, City Bistro). Those buildings will really be in the shadows of high rise condos. I also saw, while at a public meeting some months back, that some entity put in an application to have a cell tower on the rooftop of this block.