Water Cooler – 4/11/2007

hoboken-pedicabs-water-cooler-hoboken411.jpgAnother increasingly busy week of comments to sift through. I have a new way of picking which ones make this list. It’s called scroll up until you see the next noteworthy comment and insert. See below again how you can help nominate some of the highlights from the previous week.

Here’s some chocolaty nuggets from the last 7 days.

  • SW Re-development Plan continues…
    dunotar says: “Hoboken citizens paid for this document; we should be asking why it was never made part of our city’s code. “
  • Baby Boogie – Lounge 11
    Fisty McDIll says: “is that a load in your diapers or are you just glad to see me “
  • Pedicabs – Good or Bad?
    rebaki says: “I can see taking one home on a nice summer evening, if they can go along the bike path by the river. ”
  • Mercury Lot
    whewwhewwhew says: “Remember his mayoral commercials “Where’s Da Parkin?” This guy is a marble mouth who sounds like he drank a gallon of mercury. “ and
    wgenese says: “affordable housing in Hoboken is not what it once was. Anyway, what can ya do? That’s life. “ and
    DARN says: “Who does he (Campos) think he is? Just one more reason to not like and vote for that guy!”
  • Another Hit and Run crime scene?
    parkave says: “another hoboken pedestrian run down.”
  • Lisa’s Deli
    sah says: “I did pass by last night and they were cooking some delicious garlicy/cheesy/calamari something and it smelled good. Maybe it’s time to try it again!”
  • Napoli’s Brick Oven Pizza
    southernyupster says: “The brick oven is firing away. They have delivery only until they get the CO for the dining room area.”
  • Reader Mail: A death in the park
    HobokenEagle says: “There was a tree in Hoboken? Who knew? What does that leave us with – like 4 trees?”
  • Foxie – R.I.P.
    willow says: “you gotta feel for the guy. If i lost my dog i would be lost. I cant even imagine what he is feeling. That dog was his entire life.”
  • Stroke at Maxwell Place
    Colonblow says: “It was inappropriate to list his name and apt number…but it’s not illegal. Just not well thought out.”
  • Councilman arrested for DUI
    westy says: “I expect little from Mr. Campos and he never fails to disappoint.”
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
    chrisjur says: “Fight Club in the basement of Marios? No, no…Fight Club in conference room at City Hall, of course.”

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