Green Downpour Deliveries

[Continuing the “Saturated Sketches of Hoboken” Photo Series…]

Hard working in Hoboken – even in the rain

This guy was likely called out to make a quick delivery because someone was hungry (and not brave enough to get wet), or because some establishment ordered more fresh meat. This photo was taken on the same block as Joe’s Prime Meats and it looks like it could even be the trusty butcher running a quick order in the rain.

Whatever is the case, this guy is earning his paycheck!

Hoboken Delivery man in the rain trooper

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Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:30 pm

When the hell is Hoboken going to get their shit together. Apparently they can’t get an honest mayor at ALL. I wonder what will happen after two days when the IT Director is not there and the network goes down and the AWESOME parking garage doesn’t work?? Hopefully, they will have to go to the IT director crawling on their hands and knees begging for help with all the issues the mutlu-million dollar garage coverup caused. That damn garage cost 12 million dollars and how did the city pay for it, with BONDS. Do you know they have never re-couped any of the money they shelled out. They are taking the money the customers pay monthly and showing it as income rather then putting it toward the debt so in 20 years Hoboken will need to re-pay the bond and will have no money to do it with. So of course Zimmer is looking for a scape goat. I hope the FEDS throw her ass in prison right next to Corea!!!

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