About a Girl – Homeless Again

11/9/2008 Status Update:

Forgot to mention this last week – but About a Girl (and Bridge Boutique) – has closed their shop at 636 Washington Street. About a Girl’s owner Laura Lenoci says:


Amazing Sample Sale today 12-6pm

“Due to Bridge Boutique’s abrupt closing… About A Girl is store-less AGAIN! Until she locates a new and forever location take advantage of an AMAZING SAMPLE SALE. All the items you LOVE are now 30-70% off. New Handbags, Wallets, Gifts, Lotions, Jewelry Men’s accessories and Clothes! Designer Jeans $50. One of a kind dresses $100. T-shirts $20 and SO much more.

Get a head start on your holiday shopping or just pick up some items for yourself!

Date: Sunday Nov 9th, 2008
Time: 12-6pm
Place: The Skyline – 551 Observer Hwy 2F (cross is Monroe St) Hoboken, NJ 07030. If you are driving, just park in the garage and tell the valet you are visiting 2F. Call 201-628-4680 if you need more information.”

4/29/2008 Update:

As previously mentioned in the Goodbye to good kleen fun thread, here’s more news from Laura Lenoci, owner of About a Girl:

“About A Girl has exciting news! After a successful year sharing space with Good Kleen Fun we have decided to move to Bridge Boutique (636 Washington St.) as of May 1, 2008. Bridge Boutique currently carries a great selection of casual and cool men’s and woman’s clothing. If you haven’t been there yet or recently, you need to stop by. They have gone through some gowning pains in the past with a name change, changing of owners and staff, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the merchandise and customer service. About A Girl, which currently carries woman’s accessories is looking forward to be able to expand to sell Men’s accessories and Gifts. The Men’s line will included messenger bags, computer bags, dopp kits, hats, belts, flasks, sunglasses,money clips and much, much more. We will also be bringing in amazing line of body products AND a Gift line that starts at just $10.

To celebrate the merging of these two stores we will be having a party on May 8, 2008 from 6-9pm. There will be an art exhibit, store wide discount, food and beverage and gifts bags (while they last).

About A Girl is not just about you anymore…. It’s about your family and friends too.”



Stopped by to say hello to Laura Lenoci from About a Girl yesterday, and I decided to become an impromptu “Featured Store Reporter.”

Let me know what you think about my first crack at this kind of video. After spending hours meddling with Vista to get everything to work properly, I better do this more often.

New this week is a women’s accessory shop located in the back of Good Kleen Fun on 529 Washington Street.

Here’s their announcement letter/press release:

“About A Girl”, bringing downtown chic to Hoboken New Jersey.

“About A Girl” brings sophisticated bags and chic jewelry to Hoboken, NJ but blink and you may miss this amazing store nestled within another popular store on Washington St. Owner, Laura Lenoci wanted to open up “About A Girl” to provide Hoboken clientele with something she felt they had been missing, she manages to combine low-cost pieces with exclusive luxury and one of a kind pieces making each shopping experience unique for the customer.


Lenoci was raised in New Jersey. She graduated from Lynchburg College in VA. After college she lived all up and down the east coast and did some extensive traveling. She always knew she wanted to get involved with the fashion industry, but wasn’t sure on where to focus her talents. After working in many high-end boutiques and as a personal shopper for private clients, it was time to make the next move and open up her store. She has an unique enthusiasm for fashion and accessories, which is ever present in the store and her life. She will search trade shows, attends fashion shows and tends to travel the world to find pieces that she feels are distinctive to her character and her store.

Walking into “About A Girl” you instantly feel Lenoci’s excitement for style. The store is the perfect combination of chic and traditional, which define Lenoci’s character. Classic leather totes, hobo bags and idyllic evening clutches are juxtaposed with hip chandelier earrings, bangles and classic pearls, perfect for a fierce night out on the town, a present for a friend or a Sunday brunch by the water in Hoboken.

“About A Girl” REALLY has something for every person whether they are a college student on a budget or a working mother of three, they are guaranteed to find something they love. Lenoci’s mission for her store was for every customer to feel as elegant and glamorous as any illustrious celebrity, without spending over their budget and she manages to do it perfectly.

About A Girl is located at 529 Washington St. in Hoboken New Jersey, and can be reached at 201-628-4680.

The hours are:
Mon – Fri 12pm – 8pm
Sat 11am – 7pm
Sun 12pm – 6pm

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I’m a big fan of About A Girl. I hope Laura finds a permanent home soon. She has a lot of unique pieces in a wide range of prices. I always get compliments on the jewelry and bags I bought there and I have had friends specifically come to Hoboken to shop there.


I never bought anything at About A Girl. I’m sorry she’s again been displaced. I wish her luck. I had no idea Bridge Boutique was closing. I bought some great clothes there. I also wish them well. Our enocomy is a beautiful thing.


About a Girl had the most neato orange puffer coat. And I wasn’t able to buy it at the time that I’d become enamored with it. But I’ll never forget the coat :).


[quote comment=”89102″]Agreed, everyone should only shop at places where the product is made on premises, like that bag shop that is doing the summer program for girls (and queer boys). :lol:[/quote]



I think there are a lot of stores in Hoboken that DO take advantage of the customer but About A Girl and a handful of other stores in town don’t and I think it’s really important to support those stores. I always pick up presents for my friends here and the prices are totally reasonable. $20-50 for handmade earrings is amazing! Why do people comment on and about things that they know nothing about? (tama murden and willowsailgirl)

As a woman in my 30’s… I would much rather be called a girl or Miss than Woman or Mame any day!

and this “girl” packs her $200 (independent label purse from About A Girl, and sets out with her Chow Chow in Stilettos because she likes the way they make her strut down the street. While I might not meet MY Mr Big, I certainly know that I won’t have to rely on any man buying my drinks bc I’ve saved SO much money on my savy purchaeses.

Nothing worse than a girl dressed to the nines with no dough in her bag!