10th Annual Hoboken Baby Parade

Baby Parade in Hoboken this Sunday, May 22nd at 1pm

The Hoboken Historical Museum announces:

“Spring heralds the return of a favorite community tradition, the Hoboken Baby Parade, when Hoboken’s babies venture out in their finest attire, toddlers flaunt their cutest costumes, and parents create wondrous mini-floats atop carriages and wagons.

Join us on Sunday, May 22, at 1pm for the 10th Annual Hoboken Baby Parade and help us to celebrate the spirit and creativity of the Mile Square City’s families. The Parade begins at Sinatra Park—located at Fifth Street and the Hudson River—and proceeds along the waterfront to Pier A. The Parade is free and registration begins at noon.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to dress up their babies, toddlers and older siblings—and, of course, themselves and their strollers. Trophies are awarded for Best Dressed Child, Most Creative Carriage, and Best Dressed Family (the latter category has been awarded to twins and triplets, families with multiple children, parents and children, cousins, and even playgroups). Past trophy winners have included “Captain Sully,” “Charlie Chaplin,” “Minnie Mouse” and “Rocket Man,” as well an aspiring mayoral candidate, a budding shopaholic, a flower garden and Hershey’s Kisses.

“Every year is a spectacle,” says Baby Parade organizer and Museum trustee, Jennifer O’Callaghan. “It’s been fun watching the Parade grow every year—just as the family community in Hoboken continues to expand as well.”

The Parade’s roots extend to the early 20th century. It originated as a way for the public health authorities to identify newly arrived families or families with newborns and to encourage them to take advantage of basic health services.

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