Hoboken411 – One Year

hoboken411-first-birthday.jpgThis week “sort of” marks the first anniversary of Hoboken411.com.

I started developing this site back in March of 2006 with no real vision other than I felt there weren’t any websites in Hoboken that covered all the bases. It started by accident actually, as I was helping a friend with some technology-related project. I had this unused domain Hoboken411.com that I bought a year earlier and thought I could use that as a “sandbox” for testing. A lightbulb went off over my head, and after about a month of tinkering with databases and 1000’s of photographs, the site was born and “went live” around this time last year. I guess you can say 4/11 sounds better as the official birthday, but who’s counting? In no way was it purposely arranged to be that date, but maybe next year I’ll switch it to 4/11 for marketing purposes.

A lot has happened in the past year. Upgraded the server twice, got banned at City Hall, confirmed the Campos DUI story, may have been mentioned in a few publications, and hopefully you’ve noticed some of the general site improvements I’ve made to make your experience here better. And while there’s no real way to prove this, I hope that because of this site and it’s reader participation, it has made our city and government a little more transparent. What do you think?

Regardless, running this site is most certainly harder than it looks. Laying the foundation by myself was one of the most time-consuming things I’ve done. I’ve also made tons of mistakes (baby steps over here!), but I’ve also learned a tremendous amount in the process. I never had a real “plan” for what this site is supposed to be. The “playbook” is being re-written almost every day, and despite having trouble managing “the business”, I have quite a few ideas and improvements now planned for the upcoming months. Funny thing is that I once wrote a “job description” of what I do on a weekly basis, and I would never in my right mind apply for a position like this if I knew what work was involved. Too late now!

With many new readers joining daily, I’ve added a new feature today on the right sidebar:

  • “This week’s top commentators” will show the readers with the most comments during the current week (Sunday through Saturday).

I also have some others that I’m working the kinks out of at the moment.

The bottom line is that even I cannot believe I’ve actually done something so consistently for this long a period. That must mean I like what I’m doing. I try not to be egotistical, I don’t pat myself on the back, and I’m not aiming for any kind of special recognition. I suppose it was just a niche that was begging to be filled.

As always, thanks for visiting and making this site a valuable resource for our community.

Have a great week!

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Tama Murden

Hi 411…. Re your anniversary, kudos again, & your need to have some personal time for whatever personal or prof’l. reasons (of course, you’re entitled, no matter what disasters of Biblical proportions may happen here!), but confounded by the slowness of accessing the blog—& have had compadres equally questioning by phone…. Observation, NOT criticism… With all the techno-sharks who post here, might someone help you optimize the blog, so it’s not a lard-ass effort to get here, as it was today? B/c we all want to get the latest word, that you’re so great to give us! Thanks!!!


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#18, I snarfed coffee out of my nose…[/quote]

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That makes absolutly no sense to me… please explain where it would be coming out of.

Coffee literally came out of my nose when I read it.


[quote comment=”20543″]#16, dodge ball would b better, that way everone who hates each other could get some real aggression out

#18, I snarfed coffee out of my nose…[/quote]

dude, that wasnt your nose


Right on, 411. And Congrats! Now start a bloody thread on how to get an independent and qualified write-in candidate elected in the 3d Ward!


hey, just catching up on your site after a few days away. I am so proud of you, kiddo. keep up the good work! you are a true example of someone who follows what you are passionate about and just goes for it.

screw corporate america! you rock. 🙂