Basile’s Pizza

Basile’s Pizza – pretty darn close to NYC in Hoboken

For one thing – I found out that Basile’s Pizza is pronounced “Basilzz” not “Baseels,” and that they make an amazing slice of pizza. The well over 100 reader emails and texts I’ve received raving about them definitely says something!

Prominent location (89 Washington St.), super fast pie turnover (almost every pie is always fresh out of the oven), and good crispy NYC-style consistency. Gotta love almost everything about it.

They also took over the old El Barrio Burrito place next door – quite possible the fastest expansion of a Hoboken business on record.

Last I checked, they still don’t deliver – but it’s worth the walk from wherever you are in Hoboken. Best to eat the slices right away, rather than schlepping them home, as you’ll be battling the “sog-factor.”

A+ rating for Basile’s Pizza in Hoboken!

Basile’s Pizza – OK with it, or “too much pizza!?”

7/25/2011 Update:

A reader recently commented about the name of the new pizza place coming to 89 Washington St. (Basile’s Pizza – not sure if spelling is correct). He thought Hoboken may be suffering from pizza overload. What do you think?

“In the market saturated by pizza establishments, what makes a new business owner say, “I have a great idea. Let’s open a pizza place in Hoboken?”

I’m not sure why someone thinks they have a good idea by opening a pizza place in this town. There are already so many great landmark and also some very bad pizza places. What makes these people think that they’re pizza place it going to make it? Guaranteed they will have every type of pizza topping and nothing else but fried appetizers (if that). What is going to make this new pizza place differentiate itself from any other??? If you’re going to open an eating establishment in this town, BE CREATIVE. WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE PIZZA PLACES!!! Somebody please adopt the Bin 14 concept and open a successful place that people want to eat at. The only saving grace for this new pizza joint is that it’s near Carlo’s so it will have the tourist crowd that doesn’t know any better…”

Pizza Parlor moving into old De Ruggiero spot at 89 Washington


Man, Hoboken shouldn’t be called the “Birthplace of Baseball” anymore – a better name would be “The when it rains it pours city.”

Five, ten years ago it was Nail Salons, Dry Cleaners and Real Estate offices. Fast forward to 2011 – and it’s Lunch Trucks, Falafel, Massage Parlors and now PIZZA.

Balbo’s, King of Wings (Weekhawken), Hudson Pizza Co., Johnny Pepperoni (soon), and now this location at 89 Washington Street, which was previously home to De Ruggiero Realtors.

Not that I’m complaining – Pizza is the best food on earth. However, if this place is remotely good – I’d reckon that Imposto’s a block away might have something to worry about. Although at 4am – drunk, out of town idiots don’t give a hoot whether it’s tasty or not.

DeRuggiero Realtors moves out of 89 Washington Street in Hoboken NJ to become new PIZZA PLACE

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Saturday, November 26, 2011 2:47 pm

Went here twice.
First time, hey can i get a plain slice…. Sorry sir, 10-15 minutes for a plain slice. I waited and it was good.

Went again today, hey can i get a plain slice……… Sorry 10-15 minutes for a plain slice.

I don’t get it, what pizzaria doen’st have plain slices, seems they push all othe overpriced topping slices that have dried out at the counter to all the Carlos Bakery tourists waiting in line.
I left and went to Balbos, which was decent, but nothing extraordinary.

Friday, October 14, 2011 1:09 pm

If you’re originally from NY as I am, then Basile’s is the only place in Hoboken you will go to for pizza. It’s the only place with a nice cunchy thin crust instead of the doughy mess of a crust other local places offer. I had already eaten at Basile’s Wood Ridge location, so I knew what was in store for Hoboken when they came here.

That said, now that Hoboken has it’s 100th pizza joint within a square mile, is it too much to ask for some Vietnamese?

Friday, October 14, 2011 12:59 pm

I have tried about 6 different types of slices from here. They have a huge selection of specialty slices. A+ all around. Great addition.

They need to organize the ordering and paying process a bit. The open lay out is great but no way to form a line or to know which way the line is forming. if you’re not aggressive you won’t get served. People will walk right up and order with no regard to see if someone was there before them. This is going to get dangerous at 2am with a bunch of drunks. Sure to start a fight.

Friday, October 14, 2011 12:46 pm

When I”m hungry, I’m hungry. I could give a rats ass about others opinions. The only one that matters is mine. So yesterday coming out of CVS I decided to pick up 3 slices. I didn’t decide to try one and then order the other two. I figured I’d either like or hate all three. It was a good surprise. I enjoyed all three. However, it’s time that will tell hours later when the sauce starts to repeat on me. This is what stops me from returning to other eateries. Another surprise, no need need for the rolaids. Seemed everyone standing or eating at the tables enjoyed theirs too. So much for peoples opinions saying another pizzeria wouldn’t make it in town, especially between two others. I’ll be giving other items on the menu a try this weekend.

Monday, September 19, 2011 9:56 am

Ok, so as i previously mentioned i was wanting to give this place a try and decided to go there on Friday Night…

It pass the 2am slice test pretty well, however, Im not sure it would fare better/worse when stone sober.

There menu is very limited to only slices – they dont even have salad – which i think will hurt them in the end.

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