Who would you vote for?

4/27/2007 Bump:

Thought I’d give the people who haven’t voted in this “unscientific” poll a chance to add to the survey. Interesting results so far.

If you could vote in any and all wards for the upcoming Council Election, who would you want to win?


hoboken voting booth - Who would you vote for?

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Interesting. In 2003, Wards 3 and 4 had the highest turnouts (39% and 36%, respectively). Wards 6 and 1 had the lowest (24% and 27%, respectively).

Red Haven
Red Haven

Here’s an interesting gauge of interest in the campaigns. At 7:30pm on April 27th, the following amount of posts are listed on each of the “Ward Race” threads, starting with the least:

Sixth Ward…60 Posts


I often wonder if Roberts always planned to cash in, or was he seduced by the money once he won. I am leaning towards the first one.

If you are truly a reformer the first thing you need to do is implement the controls that prevent them from turning there position into self-serving opportunities to cash in;

Implement term limits.

Implement iron clad campaign finance laws.

Developers should have to compete and respond to RFPs that are best for Hoboken not developers.

Do not agree to any zoning changes or variances without getting something in return.

Conflicts of interest of any kind should not be tolerated.

Competitive bidding for everything.

Eliminate everything from the budget and put back in only what is absolutely needed.

Remove benefits(and pay) for counsel jobs. It should be a privelege not a paycheck.


That may be so, RH. I don’t know whether Roberts’ cravenly portrayed himself as something he was not or if he simply allowed himself to be sucked into the machine.

I’m all for reformers. My only concerned is if the reformers become a unified political bloc.

Power corrupts.

Red Haven
Red Haven

Yes, Roberts portrayed himself as a “reformer”, but then the bar was set pretty low for what counted as “reform” after eight years of Russo in power.

Roberts, Kenny, and Menendez cooked up their “reformer” scam just to wrestle power away from Russo. Real reformers hoped that Roberts was a changed man, when he was actually just a good liar.