CKO Fitness Getaway – to Venice, Italy!

The Real Jersey Shore in Italy

The Jersey Shore may be in Italy – but what good does that do for you?

How about a REAL trip from New Jersey to Italy – that includes fitness, health, extraordinary views, phenomenal food & great people?

Mike Andreula from CKO Kickboxing proudly announces their latest exercise / health excursion this coming September 2011. The CKO Training crew will be in Venice Italy for TWO WEEKS, and you’re invited to join them on this unique one-of-a-kind getaway!

(PS – Hoboken411 readers get 10% off!)

CKO Trainer ReBoot Camp 2 Venice Italy September 2011 Hoboken NJ

CKO ReBoot Camp 2 – Venice, Italy – September 2011

“This is the “situation” in Italy – we are leaving the Jersey Shore for a fitness overhaul!

The dates are September 1 -15, 2011. This is the most beautiful season to show you the medieval beauty while getting shredded (eating pasta!) I would like to unveil the details for ReBoot Camp II (Italy Retreat) for Hoboken411 viewers, I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to share with you the opportunity to step away from your normal routine and actually make visible changes to your body and health while seeing some of the world’s most amazing places.

For the past 15 years of my life, I’ve dedicated myself to coming up with the most innovative and results-producing methods of training and motivation possible. What I’ve been able to prove through my own experiments on myself – and from the success of every member of ReBoot Camp 1- is that the traditional “American style” of vacationing is detrimental to your fitness and all of the hard work you put into your diet and training. So, we are set to change that!

We will be in the breathtaking medieval city of Venice from September 1-15th. Members (and non-members) are invited to join us for any amount of time during that period. We will be holding urban-inspired training sessions each day, and meeting for delicious, healthy meals while discussing nutrition and how to choose the best foods for your individual needs. Daily video and photo documentation of your entire experience and transformation is also included – how many vacations can offer you that?

I’m always available (and excited) to discuss this amazing opportunity further with you– WE’RE GONNA CRUSH IT IN VENICE!!! EAT PASTA- GET RIPPED… GUARANTEED!

Contact Mike at for more information – or help booking your trip!

And click here to see sample itineraries and rates!

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