What’s up with Pier C Park again?

Pier C Park in Hoboken was closed on beautiful weekend

Hoboken411 received several emails from residents wondering why Pier C Park was closed this past weekend – one of the nicest of the year!

Apparently, Mayor Zimmer’s office closed the park a couple weeks ago for “minor repairs” that were supposed to take a week – and reopen right away. “I should have known coming from City Hall to take it with a large grain of salt,” said one Hoboken mom. While another parent told me “nothing gets done the right way here in Hoboken, which is what happens when you have amateurs in charge.”

Lastly, resident Jerry said the days of finger-pointing have long been over, “This entire park debacle may have been inherited from the Roberts days, but pick up the pace already. Why can’t they get their act together? It’s been on their watch for two years!”

Well, I wouldn’t expect it to open this week either. So find another “park” to fulfill your recreation requirements!

Maybe if they just made a park that looked like a construction site – it’d be open more often?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 10:12 am

There is nothing special about that pier, not sure why anyone would complain when there are plenty of other spots to hang out on the waterfront.

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