Saturated Sketches of Hoboken, NJ

A dreary Hoboken doesn’t deter desirous photographers

Considering the weather predicted this upcoming week (rain every day Monday through Saturday for Hoboken NJ), “Saturated Sketches of Hoboken NJ” seemed like an appropriate “Photo of the Day” theme.

Rainy Spring Weather Forecast for Hoboken New Jersey May 2011

In comparison to what people in Louisiana Cajun country are coping with right now – we ought to revel in the fewer drops of water that are actually hitting us. This gallery includes some of Hoboken411’s own photos and some submitted by Hoboken411 readers from recent drizzles and/or downpours. These photos are not only saturated by water, though. Monday through Friday these images are saturated in the colors of the rainbow, beginning with red today, Monday, May 16th.

Try to see the color in your upcoming week, too, instead of the gray!

Monday’s Photo: Dashes of Color on a Rainy Day

Last evening while the rain came falling down I took several images of Hoboken residents carrying umbrellas. Instead of setting them in a gallery as I was tempted, this photo really needs to be appreciated alone. The arched red umbrella and the balloons are such bright brushstrokes on a rainy day. It makes you realize that sometimes all a rainy day – or a bad day – needs is just a little cheerful reminder.

In Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck called to our attention how nice these contrasts in life can be:

“For how can one know color in perpetual green, and what good is warmth without cold to give it sweetness?”

Umbrellas of Hoboken NJ I

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