60 Second Review: Subway breakfast

Limited window of opportunity for Subway breakfast sandwiches

Hoboken411 often pulls some pretty long nights – that can lead to mornings and beyond.

Walking around the barren streets of our city at the crack of dawn can be quite a treat. The birds are chirping, there’s minimal traffic – and hardly anyone out and about. Refreshing and peaceful (if you can say that for living in a place a stone’s throw from the busiest city in the world).

However, the other day – while milling about with Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar at around 6am-ish – I decided that it was time to finally try one of those Subway Foot-long Breakfast Sandwiches I see signs for. The special of the month was “double bacon egg & cheese.” Sounded like it was worth a shot for only $5 bucks!

Lo behold, we arrive at the Subway to discover they were closed – and didn’t open until 9am! What kind of place serves breakfast starting at 9am? Everyone’s at work already! You’d think that the executives at Subway would have thought about the concept that “breakfast = mornings,” and they’d change their operating hours to coincide with the types of food they’re selling. What next? Foot-long Midnight Snacks available at 2pm?

I ended up getting a nice fresh hot bagel at Hoboken Bagels (the best cream cheese in Hoboken) instead.

Anyway – I did eventually try the sandwich at Subway – and I can sum it up in two brief points:

  1. A good value – fills you (and another person) up.
  2. Despite the value – tasted artificial. Use only in case of hunger emergency and limited other options or money!

May your next meal be a tasty one!

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