60 Second Review: Wicked Wolf

Wicked Wolf a perfect spot for quick bar food

Many people get in the mood for a burger & fries, or some other kind of fast, simple (and possibly greasy & cheesy) bite to eat.

A great place to go is Wicked Wolf Tavern along the Hoboken waterfront. Not only do you get the great views, and nice river breezes – but you can choose from your standard “bar & grill” menu (like buffalo wings, burgers) – along with some unique items (like mac & cheese bites – which are great for kids too).

The views, large beer selection, the plethora of TV’s and WiFi – make Wicked Wolf a reliable stop for many people – and is why they’re very popular with waiting periods during peak times!

Do you visit Wicked Wolf frequently?

Jeez – Now I’m hungry!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 9:05 am

Wicked Wolf has gotten a lot better since it opened. They even give you 15% off your food if you “checkin” on Yelp.

Reply to  homeworld
Saturday, June 4, 2011 12:02 pm

The wolf sucks!!!! All the servant have attitude and the management sucks too. Food is not all that and they are real sexes and raises. One off my friend worked there and said her man went there one day to one of their events. Her man is blk, and one of the security told him to put his pants up and to tuck his chain in. They didn’t know that he was her man and when the security notice that he was with her he apologies. But she didn’t accepted the apology, she was real upset because they never tell a Spanish nor a white person that they need to tuck their chain or put Ur pans up. Her boyfriend never went pack, he felt very disrespect and plus they not worth his money nor mine. [quote comment=”207047″]Wicked Wolf has gotten a lot better since it opened. They even give you 15% off your food if you “checkin” on Yelp.[/quote]

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