Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 5/15/2011

Hoboken crime, fire & incident update: May 15, 2011

Various Hoboken incidents – Sunday, May 15, 2011. This post may be updated as necessary.

  • 1:05am (5/16/2011): Street fight
    Reports of two males fighting near 5th & Washington Streets. One actor, suspected of assaulting another man and fled the scene in a 2003 Mercedes. HPD caught up with the Jersey City man a few blocks north. Sound like a useless fracas. Can’t they fight in their own towns? Do we go to Jersey City and waste their tax dollars?
    Update: Man that drove away was arrested for an un-related reason.
  • 11:10pm: More vehicular mayhem
    Drumroll… bu dum! Another car accident on Bloomfield Street between 12th & 13th – apparently one of the cars crashed into a utility pole. Might as well explode the transformer while we’re at it, makes sense considering we’re in Hoboken…
    Update: This was a DUI incident, and an arrest was made.
  • 7:45pm: Washington St. Accident
    Another car accident at 2nd & Washington – with reports that the “BMW with NY plates is trying to leave the scene…”
    Update: The driver was DUI – and subsequently arrested.
  • 7:10pm: Crash & Bang
    Seems that the traffic diversions caused by the uptown power transformer explosion also lead to car accidents like the one that happened at 13th & Garden. No injuries reported.
  • 6:35pm: Explosive!
    Reports of a power transformer that exploded on a utility pole at 15th & Park Avenues.
  • 6:00pm: Pedestrian Struck by Auto
    At 8th & Hudson Streets, reports that yet another pedestrian was struck by an automobile. Hoboken PD and Weehwaken EMS en route. You can thank Ian Sacs for this – who fights tooth and nail to prevent speed bumps on Hudson Street. Tsk, tsk.
  • 5:30pm: Read windshield smashery
    A vehicle parked near 3rd & Adams was reported to have the rear window smashed to smithereens. HPD contacted the resident so they can see what was missing from the vehicle. No respect, I tell ya!
  • 2:30pm: Mini-bike causes scare
    Residents of 655 6th Street called HFD because they became concerned with strong odor of gasoline in the building. After an exhaustive search by Fire and Police personnel – it was discovered that a “mini bike” was in the building – and a kid had been running the gas-powered vehicle inside.

More updates to come…

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