Anuya Massage & Reflexology

Anuya Massage & Reflexology

Quick business update. The Chinese massage parlor “Chi First” at 934 Washington Street recently changed their name to Anuya Massage & Reflexology. Not sure if they got new ownership or not, but the premise is likely the same.

I hardly see anyone use these places, but they surprisingly stay in business for a long time. Maybe it’s a money laundering operation, who knows. But I bet there are still happy endings going on!

Anuya Massage Hoboken NJ 720x386 - Anuya Massage & Reflexology

Chi First Chinese Massage Hoboken (name change)

3/22/2008 update:

“Chigo Tuina” apparently confused customers, and they’ve decided to use a traditional English name: “Chi First.”

chi first massage hoboken - Anuya Massage & Reflexology

Chigo Tuina Massage


chigo tuina chinese massage hoboken - Anuya Massage & ReflexologyOpened on 4/4.

Taking the place of the previous D’Auria Family Chiropractic, is Chigo Tuina Chinese Massage. I just stopped by for a minute, and they seemed eager to immediately rub me down. I had to go to the Council Meeting.

I looked at the card they gave me and their rates seem a little off. $18 for 20 minutes, $65 for 60 minutes. There is no discount for going lower. I could just get three 20 minute massages for $54! What gives?

They have good hours though!

Description – Body and Foot Massage. 20 to 60 minute sessions. Rates from $18 to $65. Hours from 10:30am to 10:00pm.
Address – 934 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – TBD

chigo tuina chinese massage hoboken - Anuya Massage & Reflexology

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[quote comment=”74484″]Whenever I drive by their shop, it appears that a porn flick is playing in the window. I always have to double check.[/quote]
There’s plenty of free porn on the internet…no need to cruise storefronts on Washington.


Whenever I drive by their shop, it appears that a porn flick is playing in the window. I always have to double check.


[quote comment=”19841″]I love what they have done with the sign, and you all thought 4 L’s was bad.[/quote]

Yeah, seriously… It looks as though they ran out of spray paint on that awning… Looks god awful…
I’m not really sure what look they’re going for with that one…


[quote comment=”19980″]this week’s special: buy one massage, get a happy ending, FREE[/quote]
wow… we were all waiting for someone to end the bit with a happy ending joke.